Windows Xp with Service Pack 1

  Chez19 09:04 20 Oct 2005

Im in need of an XP Pro disk which has SP1 on it and not sp2.

My dads machine has crashed and he has brought XP Pro with sp2 on it but setup will not complete it just crashes the computer when it restarts to enter the GUI section.

He phoned Microsoft and they said that Sp2 is conflicting with setup on his machine and he heeds an SP1 installation and will then have to downlaod sp2 once up and running.

Can any1 help with a disk? He has a full Pro product key just the disk wont play on his machine.

I dont know hardly anything about computers and the above is just copied from what Microsoft said on the phone to my dad.

Can any replies please bein simple English as not to confuse me in computer jargon.

Thankyou, Cheryl

  Diodorus Siculus 09:20 20 Oct 2005

What OS was on the machine before? Was it always XP SP2 or a different one?

  Chez19 09:27 20 Oct 2005

Before he had XP Pro with service pack 1 on as thats what came with the computer when he brought it.

He then downloaded service pack 2 from the microsoft website with his automatic update windows thing.

He phoned the Time department and they said use his "system disk" or something but were not very helpful as it was an overseas technical support line that he was given when he took out some cover with them (now expired)

He doesnt have any disks for the system though as they went missing when he moved house.

The lady at Microsoft said there is some sort of conflict with service pack 2 disks and setup on some machines.

So she said he needs an SP1 disk and can then download SP2 when windows is up and running and there will be no problems then.

But why will SP2 cause a problem in setup be if downloaded cause no problems?

Thanks, Cheryl

  SANTOS7 09:37 20 Oct 2005

If all you need is SP1 you can get it from here its under "older updates"
click here

  Chez19 09:41 20 Oct 2005

No he needs a XP Pro disk with SP1 on it not sp2.

He has a purchased SP2 Pro disk but its conflicting with setup so he has to install with an Xp Pro disk with service pack 1 only on it.

  Jackcoms 09:46 20 Oct 2005

"He doesnt have any disks for the system though as they went missing when he moved house."

I suggest having a good hunt around to find the disks.

You cannot even buy a new legal version of XP SP1 now as all new versions come as SP2 only.

  Chez19 09:55 20 Oct 2005

SP1 disk - I know thats what the man at PC World told him when he went back after buying the pro disk off them.

Thats why after doing a google search i found this site and was hoping somebody had an older Pro SP1 disk kicking about.

system disks - he really does not have them, everything that moved with him is out and about. he is really careful when it comes to storing things like this so if he had them when he un-packed he would no exactly where they are, but they are nowhere to be seen.

  SANTOS7 09:59 20 Oct 2005

click here
there are some here but i would advise first to contact the seller for more information...

  Jackcoms 10:16 20 Oct 2005

"Thats why after doing a google search i found this site and was hoping somebody had an older Pro SP1 disk kicking about."

Not a chance.

A Windows disk is licenced for one PC only - and that's the PC it was originally installed on.

If anyone tries to sell you one, run a mile.

  PaulB2005 10:23 20 Oct 2005

Might be better to try and get the SP2 disk installed.

Is he trying to install Windows from the new disk over the old installation or has he deleted the old partition and trying to install Xp fresh?

Has he backed up all his files and data?

  Chez19 10:29 20 Oct 2005


Can he not use his purchased product key on an old SP1 disk if some1 has 1?

PaulB2005 - has has deleted the partitions and is trying to install it on a blank space.

Could not back anything up as it was some MSN virus he got and it produced 57 trojans and 34 viruses. He used his virus stuff to get rid of them all but the computer just completely crashed the next time he turned it on. After all the writing that runs down the screen when u press the power button it just stayed black screen instead of getting the windows logo and the loading bar bit.

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