Windows xp and second hard drive

  Logov 17:24 23 May 2003

My present drive with xp is small and I need to add more space to the pc. Would I be better off installing a 2nd larger drive as master loading xp and then running 2 drives, or just simply copying everything from the first drive onto the new one and have that as my only drive? What would be the booting situation with two drives containing xp - would I be given the choice? would it work? - is there a booting programme that will deal with two drives running xp or can xp deal with it alone? Confused.

  Rayuk 17:33 23 May 2003

If you instal your new drive as master with WinXP on it you could use the 2nd drive as slave and use it for backup purposes.Unless you have 2 copies of WinXP this doesnt come into it as you can only have 1 copy running.

  Lead 06:29 24 May 2003

I think I would be tempted to leave the o/s on your existing (smaller) drive (leave as master), install the larger drive (as a slave) and copy across your personal files to the new one. That way, if your o/s goes FUBAR, you can reformat that drive without losing your personal files on the second drive.

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