Windows Xp Right Click

  scooby43 21:29 06 Mar 2003

Hi all

I know this seems like a strange question to ask but I am unable to right click

I mean when I go to start menu and program files for example and right click there is usally a list of options.

eg sort by name arrange by name etc well it wont work now all I get is a flash when I try right clicking and nothing else I am not eniterly sure what has caused this as it has happened before does anyone know how I can fix it I hope I have explained it well enough :)


  VoG™ 22:02 06 Mar 2003

Have you tried a System Restore to a time before this happened?

  powerless 22:05 06 Mar 2003

click here

Start - Control Panel - Taskbar & Start Menu - Start Menu - Customise - Advanced - Enable Dragging & Dropping

  scooby43 23:48 06 Mar 2003

hi thanks for the quick replys it happened to me tonight I am not sure why I cant right click ill have a look at your link Powerless thanks for your suggestions ill let you know how I get on

I havent made a restore point recently VoG™


  scooby43 23:49 06 Mar 2003

sorry did I mention that I am using windows XP Home Edition


  freakbrothers 23:51 06 Mar 2003

also, try in administrator user.
if it works in that then its the user profile that set incorretctly.



  watchful 12:46 07 Mar 2003

My system restore in Win XP automatically creates a restore point whenever anything is altered.

  artist 16:52 07 Mar 2003

Mine too.

But isn't there a way to turn it off if you want?

Maybe that's whats happened to Scoobys.

  scooby43 17:34 07 Mar 2003

hi all

thanks for the posts sorry I havent been able to reply sooner has I have been at college allday that did the trick thanks as suggested by powerless through control panel etc I didnt know it was the drag drop as before I got frustrated with it when it stopped working on me once before and I ended up wiping the hard drive and starting again :).

watchful just reading what you put what do you mean it automatically creates a restore point as I create a restore manually it dosnt alert me or am I missing something?


  watchful 17:54 07 Mar 2003

I've never created a restore point manually but don't know how it is set. It's just always been like that and it's got me out of a few scrapes so far. I just go to system restore and sure enough there are always a few highlighted dates. I just choose one a couple of days previous to the mess I'm in and it puts it all back to normal.
I'll have to see if I can find the settings.

  VoG™ 17:59 07 Mar 2003

Mine also creates Restore Points automatically - about once a day on average.

Having said that, it's a good idea to create a manual point before changing anything major (like installing software or hardware).

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