Windows XP Restore - Can You Back up the file(s)

  AlanHo 10:12 19 Oct 2003

I have discovered the hard way that if you turn off the restore feature and then turn it back on again - you lose all the past history restore points and have to start again.

Is it possible to save the restore information to a back-up file on another drive - then if you lose the restore points, replace the new file(s) to be able to get the old restore points safely back again.

If so - how ?

  spikeychris 10:39 19 Oct 2003

The only way I can see how this can be done is with a system State backup.

  spikeychris 10:44 19 Oct 2003
  rawprawn 12:25 19 Oct 2003

If you are running Windows XP Home Edition, Backup does not appear when you load the cd. You can get backup from the cd as follows.
Put the cd in go to start/run type valueadd\msft\ntbackup enter then double click ntbackup.msi That will give you the backup program you need.

  AlanHo 12:39 19 Oct 2003

Sorry guys

I was not too clear in my question. I regularly back-up all my data files onto a DVD-RAM disc - but not the whole hard disc because I have original CD's of all my software and a full daily back-up of the whole computer would take too long.

All I want to do - if possible - is take a copy of the Windows XP restore file(s)in case I ever lose my restore points again. I have a feeling that it may not be possible - but someone out there may have cracked it.

  powerless 12:53 19 Oct 2003

Start, control panel, folder options. view;


Show hidden files and folders


Hide protected operating system files (recommended) and then click ok to the window that will pop up.

Click ok.

Start, run, type:


Click ok and you should see the "System Volume Information" folder. That is the folder you want, restore points are within this folder.

  AlanHo 13:41 19 Oct 2003


Thanks for the info - I followed your instructions and found the "System Volume Information" folder.

However, when I click on it I get admonished with the message " System Volume Information is not accessible - Access is denied".

Hence I cannot see any files in the folder or copy them.

I tried right clicking on the folder, selecting "Copy" and then pasting to another drive - but that failed too with a similar message.

  powerless 13:45 19 Oct 2003

Can you please me your user name that you use to log onto XP with? (exact spelling etc)

I'll then give you a command to run. This will then grant you full access to the folder.

  powerless 14:23 19 Oct 2003


User Name: Owner


Go to start and click on run.

Now copy this:

cmd /k cacls "C:\System Volume Information" /E /G Owner:F

Now paste this into the run command and click ok.

You should now have a black window appear reading: "Processed dir C:\System Volume Information"

This will now give you access to the folder to copy etc. It it does not just post back.

  AlanHo 14:26 19 Oct 2003


Thanks for the info - I presume that to restore the files again I reverse the process and copy back to the C: drive.

  powerless 14:30 19 Oct 2003

The C: Drive yes.

But place the files in the System Volume Information folder.

p.s. Tell us if it works, i do not use system restore myself but other may benefit.

The reversal of giving full access to the System Volume Information folder is:

cmd /k cacls "C:\System Volume Information" /E /R Owner

This would then give access denied.

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