Windows XP reinstallation

  micky d 11:20 11 Oct 2008


I am in the process(as i speak/type)of reinstalling XP Pro on my daughters Dell Latitude D620 laptop.

It was basically stuck in a loop upon start up. Upon start up i was/am met with a black screen with options to start up from last known configuration, safe mode,etc,etc, but after trying all the options,windows would start to load & then return to the black screen i just mentioned.

I decided to reinstall windows.

So far,so good. My question is a simple one.............the laptop at the moment on the windows XP professional set up screen with the sub heading of 'please wait while set up formats the partition' and in the progress box at the bottom of the screen is says 'set up is formatting....'.

The thing is it's been stuck on 3% progress for the last half an hour to an that normal or is it an indication that it's not working?

  wis 11:39 11 Oct 2008

stuck on 3% for an hour is not normal,the hd
on laptop wont be that big

  micky d 12:38 11 Oct 2008

Ok,thanks for that Wis.

Just to confirm what i'm doing is correct............i click on 'boot from cd' when prompted & then on the blue windows set up screen it starts to set up files,etc. and then i'm met with a 'welcome to set up screen'. The options given set up windows XP now,press repair a windows XP instalation using recovery console,press r.......quit set up,press F3.
I am choosing the first option.
Then Licence agreement>F8

Next screen: -:partition1 (FAT) 78MB(70MBfree)
C:partition2 (unknown)76238(76238free).

Now i click on C: & install.

If i format using the quick option it takes seconds but i am met with a screen saying 'setup was unable to format the partition. The disk may be damaged' & so on.

If i select the other option then it seems to start formatting but gets stuck on 3%.

Any advice?

  wis 12:49 11 Oct 2008

had a simular problem to this a while back,it
turned out to be ram memory stick down,on your pc
you could download microsoft memory test tool
make cd, boot from this cd and test

some of the chaps here will give you the link

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:35 11 Oct 2008

Memory Test
MemTest - click here
Tutorial: How to use Memtest - click here

  DieSse 16:27 11 Oct 2008

However - it does sound a lot like the drive has failed.

If it's a Seagate or Maxtor drive you can download a free diagnostic program to run from a CD or floppy, and test the drive. Other manufacturers normally have similar test software.

click here

  DieSse 16:29 11 Oct 2008

PS - the difference between a Qick and a Full format is that a Full format writes to all parts of the drive - a Quick format only rewrites the master file tables to say there's no files on the drive. Thus a quick format may work on a faulty drive.

  woodchip 16:33 11 Oct 2008

Why did you do a Repair? after pressing F6 you click the Operating System that it finds then press R

  micky d 17:36 11 Oct 2008

Thanks for the replies.

I persevered with the full installation process & after about 5 hours it worked.

It just seemed a bit odd to be stuck on 3% of the installion process for over an hour but after leaving it to it's own devices for most of the day it has done it's job.

No idea what caused windows to crash like it did(dodgy disk maybe?)but it's up & running now.

Thanks again.

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