windows xp is rebooting system before it fully....

  soullight 19:09 13 Mar 2006

a family member has a pc which windows home xp recently started rebooting it self before it finished loading to the OS screen at the start. A cousin looked and it said buy a new motherboard which the family member did, still the same, new HDD the same. i had a look at it myself today and put the old motherboard in and HDD reinstalled xp. fine it worked. so as the new motherboard and proscessor was new and far better i put them in the tower, installed xp and everything was fine. i was running the system for about 15mins before said family member took pc home. well i get home to find out that the pc is doing the same thing again. Only thing i can think of is its the moniter as he said he bought it not long ago and ive heard of moniters causing this sort of problem. if not anyone have any ideas on what is causing it please. thankyou for any help that is giving.

  ceebee450 19:21 13 Mar 2006

It sounds as though the CPU could be overheating. Try removing the heatsink, clean off any gunk that was on before and then use some decent thermal compund, such as arctic silver, before refitting the CPU.

  soullight 19:44 13 Mar 2006

i get what your saying but this started on an old motherboard, processor and HDD and then on a new motherboard, processor and HDD. Sorry if i didnt explain that clearly in the topic. so really im running a new system apart from memory. everything else is new. ill still give it ago.

  soullight 23:27 13 Mar 2006

no more advice for this little problem then?

  woodchip 23:41 13 Mar 2006

You are not going to get some miracle cure by starting different threads on the Forum. Please try to stick with one thread

  [email protected] 00:42 14 Mar 2006

Had the same problem with a PC . turned out to be the power supply

  PC Eye 03:57 14 Mar 2006

Does the system restart when the case side panel is left off? You said that the system was running fine for 15 minutes, was this after you put the machine together again? It could be a case cooling problem causing the CPU to overheat. This would explain the fault not be cured by a mobo replacement. Secondly, what BIOS post beeps do you get, if any, and have you checked the memory on another machine using MemTest?

  soullight 15:28 14 Mar 2006

yer it was with the side of so it could be that. the power supply is a new unit to. and as for starting different threads on here? wtf this is my only topic on this subject. anyway ill try then and see, i have a spare tower so i could put his parts in that one. anyway ill post if and that IF i find the prob.

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