Windows XP re-loaded - can't complete

  gordy70 13:40 26 Feb 2006

Could anyone help me with this one please? My PC has just been returned from Evesham after being returned to the factory where they replaced the motherboard and CPU. When i turned the unit on it went through the initial set up procedure asking for a PC name etc. I skipped the registration part as i need to load my broadband CD before i can connect to the internet. The final screen read "Thank you. Congratulations you are ready to start", I clicked on the Finish button which produced an egg timer, however it is just frozen at this point for over an hour. I tried switching it off and on, it goes straight to the Finish page which results in everything freezing again. Should this process take a few hours or is something wrong?

  Diversion 15:55 26 Feb 2006

Something is wrong with the system, have you tried starting it in safe mode just see if the same thing happens then? If it does load up in safe mode the just try a restart and see what happens. You shouldn't have to do this but it is worth a try.

  gordy70 16:37 26 Feb 2006

Thanks, i started it in safe mode, however i got a message telling me that windows has not been loaded completely and i should go back to set up. The only option on screen was to click OK, i did and the machine re-started, taking me back to the screen saying "You are ready to start".

  terryf 23:22 26 Feb 2006

If you got a win XP disk, try booting from this, you may have to go into the bios (press del when booting) to make the CD the 1st boot-up device, then reload windows from the CD, This won't work if they only supplied a 'recovery' CD

  RobCharles1981 23:49 26 Feb 2006

Gordy how old is your evesham computer?? If its a newish one they might have put on a hiden partition on your computer known as a "Restore" too restore too the factory settings.

I myself is an evehsam its 3 years old now but ive tried too ask them too send me a restore cd instead of product cd as you know Restore takes less time then the product but actualy falls on deaf ears with them

  gordy70 14:58 27 Feb 2006

It would appear that patience is indeed a virtue. I noticed that the computer seemed to be making noises as if it was doing something and so i left it on overnight. When i got up this morning it is working normally. Thanks for your help.

  gordy70 14:59 27 Feb 2006


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