Windows XP Professional Validation

  Jasper88 14:27 24 Jan 2008

Can anyone advise/help me please? I have a PC which was running a counterfeit copy of XP Pro. I got this from a friend some time ago and decided earlier this week that I should go legit. So I bought a new and legal copy this week and tried to get it authenticated. (I now realise that the one I bought is "OEM" which may be relevant??).

The PC told me to call Microsoft with a long (20-digit?) authentification code number. I did this then entered the validation code that they gave me. I ended the call and clicked "finish". This took me back to the login page. I logged back in and the system said "you must validate your copy of windows Next>". I click next then get another dialogue saying "this copy of windows has already been validated OK>. Clicking OK takes me back to the login page...and so on and so forth!

I reinstalled XP but now have two drived (C: & F:) and 2 OS options on the boot screen. It works fine but I only want 1 drive with one OS on (i.e. C:).

My queries are as follows:

1. What is the best way to format the C: drive and then boot from the XP CD-ROM to perform a clean install?

2. If I do this then try to authenticate my genuine copy of windows, will it not work because it has already been validated (although this seems to have caused serious problems!)?

If any pros out there can give me some advice on the above I would be extremely grateful.

Many thanks, Jackie

  Pamy 15:16 24 Jan 2008

Well, as non of the more knowledgable members are available to answer you, I would suggest another Microsoft phone call.

  DieSse 15:23 24 Jan 2008

2. If I do this then try to authenticate my genuine copy of windows, will it not work because it has already been validated

It's not a problem to re-validate a copy - in fact it's usually particularly easy if the hardware hasn't changed, as the "hash code" generated from various hardware parameters won't have changed.

At the very worst you call MS and explain why you're re-validating, if it doesn't just do it on-line automatically.

  DieSse 15:27 24 Jan 2008

"1. What is the best way to format the C: drive and then boot from the XP CD-ROM to perform a clean install?"

You don't format first then boot from the CD-ROM- You boot from the CD-ROM and press ahead with installation. At some point you will be given the option to delete existing partitions, repartition and reformat. The CD actually does the whole shebang for you.

Make sure you have all your programs and dat backed up to re-install.

Make sure you have the latest drivers for your motherboard, graphics, etc etc to re-install.

  uesquebeathus 15:28 24 Jan 2008

this is a story that has been fraught with all sorts of problems mainly with an inflexible microsoft person in the punjab or thereabouts.
if you format the drive then reinstall you will have to re do the validation process.
try and do this using the automated system through the internet during the final stages of the installation, as that is usually quite straight forward.
Usually if I am doing a reinstall of an operating system, I try and install it and use the activate by Internet option. If this doesn't work, use the telephone option and and try that. If that doesn't work you will be put through to an automated response system. When asked if you bought the software presintalled on the computer say yes. When asked if it is installed on any computer say no.What it really wants to establish is if you have an OEM rather than a retail version - the serial number ranges are different. If that doesn't work you are put through to an operator. When asked how many computers the software is installed say None as you have not completed the install until its activated so thats the right
If you have to go into the telephone system this can be a right pain as you are not a registered microsoft computer builder. you must try and convince the tele person that you built the computer, and that is the only system that particular registration/registered serial code version is used on

  ventanas 15:52 24 Jan 2008

uesquebeathus has probably hit on your problem. OEM is only legally available to registered Microsoft system builders, and in some cases to self build machines. Unfortunately you are still trying to validate an illegal copy.

You may get lucky with some of the advice given.

Where did you get it from, may I ask.

  Jasper88 16:38 24 Jan 2008

Thanks guys for all your assistance so far! You're all fab :)

OEM CD was from click here

  Jasper88 22:07 25 Jan 2008

I reinstalled XP and validated online. Worked first time with no problems. Thanks again - great forum :)

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