Windows XP Professional now invalid

  Wilber6 09:53 01 Apr 2006

My copy of Windows XP Professional, that was pre-installed on my pc, (no disc supplied), has now become an invalid copy,(after the most recent validation check on the Microsoft update site), as the shop supplying my computer has installed the same copy on a number of different machines. I cannot now get any further updates from Microsoft.
I have been onto them, but they were uninterested, and told me to buy a new copy of XP.
Do I have any options to get updates without having to buy a new copy of XP, which I have already paid for once, believing this was a legitimate deal?
Unfortunately, the shop where I purchased my pc has since closed.

Thanks, Wilber6

  websurfowen 10:00 01 Apr 2006

Really there is nothing you can do. The only thing is that it worth contacting microsoft piracy team and telling them what happened. They might be able to contact whoever owned the shop and possible deal with them that way!!

  ACOLYTE 10:00 01 Apr 2006

Im not sure on your options,as the shop is closed,unless you know who owned it and can get in touch with them for help you may be forced to get a new copy of xp.If the shop broke the law and installed the same copy on multiple pc'c then you may have some comeback,but i wouldnt hold my breath,you may be forced to bite the bullet and get a new copy.Im suprised MS didnt wont to help,after all its them thats losing money be what the shop did.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:40 01 Apr 2006

Patch with Bigfix click here

  bjh 14:45 01 Apr 2006

Hang on. There is a possible reason for this that isn't fraudulent. Do you have a label on your computer with a Microsoft Product key?

Sometimes shops will just clone a hard drive for a series of machines, and yet still supply the legal product key.

If there's no label on your case (search any paperwork too), then this isn't likely to be the case.

If you decide it isn't a legal copy, DO contact Microsoft. They have sometimes offered a very generous discount if the case proves to be genuine.

More info at click here

Here's hoping you have a product ID on your case

  bjh 14:49 01 Apr 2006

Oh, and if you bought the PC on a credit card, contact the card issuer. They are jointly liable, and should supply you with (the price of) a legal copy!!!

I meant to point out in my above post that, if you do have such a label, it's easy to change the product key, making your installation 100% legal. Post back if you find it, & will tell you how.

  Ray5776 16:43 01 Apr 2006

Disable "Windows genuine advantage" in internet explorer, close down explorer, re-open explorer, go to download site and you should be able to get your updates. Usually works 90% but not always.


  Lokit 21:08 01 Apr 2006

click here

Look at comment #50

  Ray5776 00:30 02 Apr 2006

Javascript code worked today

  Ray5776 00:56 02 Apr 2006

There are ways around everything, if you have a legit
XP disk just change the key. If it is not then change the key anyway. Enough said, not getting into hacking
on this site.

  holmsey4 04:39 02 Apr 2006

in reply to wilber6 i too was having a problem with my shop saying i had to bring my newly bought pc back to the shop to reinstall windows as they hadn`t given me the disc and the after reading the other posts on here now know that my computer has a genuine sticker on the back of my pc all i have to do now is persuade the computer shop to give me the original copy of xp. They too gave me a copy xp disc i went home realised it was a copy disc complained only to be told i had to bring the computer to them, so that they could install it! Already been on to trading standards and they said to write a letter informing them to give them 14 days to give me my xp disc. Som heres hoping!

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