Windows XP Product Activation

  James-286079 18:40 07 Sep 2004

I have recently bought a laptop with Windows XP Home installed on it.
I am selling my desktop with Windows XP Pro but I want to uninstall it from the desktop to put on my laptop.

How do I do this and sort out the product activation?

  TomJerry 18:51 07 Sep 2004

If you have installation CD, you just wipe everything off from the machine you are selling.

Install on laptop and activiate again with MS.

NO advantage of Pro over Home if you do not use corporate network require domain name.

For standard lone laptop, some people even advise against Pro and favour home.

Personally, I have both home and pro on my laptop, see NO difference what so ever.

  James-286079 18:53 07 Sep 2004

I thought that if there were significant changes, it wouldn't let you reactivate.

I need Pro because I am a software developer, primarily writing network software.

  hellred 20:17 07 Sep 2004

Before selling the Desktop copy these files to a floppy: Wpa.dbl , Wpa.bak these are in C:\Windows\System32folder

After installing the OS on the laptop at the end decline the activation request.

During Bootup press F8

Choose Safe mode

Open C;\Windows\System32folder

If they exist rename the existing Wpa.dbl and Wpa.bak to and

Then copy the files from the floppy to the folder


That should be it then !!!

  "Bob" 20:36 07 Sep 2004

If this works, hellred, you're a genius. Thanks.

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