Windows XP problem

  Newuser4608 20:37 27 May 2003

An incoming telephone call always wakes my computer up from standby mode.

  The Transporter 20:49 27 May 2003

Go into your bios and after a search there will be a bit that says something like

Wake PC when modem activated.

Some thing along those lines

Disable it.

Sorry i can't be more specific.

  graham√ 20:55 27 May 2003

Control Panel, Modem, Properties, Power Management, untick 'Allow this device to bring the PC out of standby'.

  Newuser4608 21:04 27 May 2003

Thanks, but I cannot find anything in the BIOS (Phoenix Technologies AM37308) that looks at all useful. I have also gone into Control Panel / Phone & Modem Options / Modems / Properties and unchecked “Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby”.

  graham√ 21:06 27 May 2003

Has the latter worked?

  Newuser4608 21:08 27 May 2003

No, sorry!

  graham√ 21:23 27 May 2003

That's all I've got, anyone else?

  graham√ 22:44 27 May 2003

One more thing springs to mind, check the lead from the phone socket to the modem is not in close contact with any other, to the mouse, keyboard, printer for example. It's possible the AC ringing current is inducing into a component. As you know, the slightest twitch of the mouse can awake the PC when in standby.

  Quiller. 22:53 27 May 2003

Is there a section in the bios with either a heading or listings for wake up or wake up events.

The usual ones are wake up on ring, wake up on modem and wake up on lan. If any are enabled, disable them.

  Newuser4608 14:30 28 May 2003

Graham, I think you are brilliant! I got your suggestion this morning. I had tied all the cables together to tidy them up. I took the telephone cable out and the phone rang two minutes ago and the computer stayed in standby mode for the very first time. Sorry I did not reply before, but this is the first incoming call I have had today. Many thanks.

  graham√ 14:59 28 May 2003

You're welcome!

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