Windows XP Problem

  drewett 15:59 09 Oct 2007

I was recently given a laptop from my brother, which had windows xp on it in the past (has xp stickers and product key on base)

But at the moment it has windows 2000!

He doesn't have the CD anymore, so is their anyway i can get windows xp re-installed without paying out.

thanx James

  skidzy 16:21 09 Oct 2007

If you have a XP disc,use this and use the product number on the machine to register the windows.

  Pamy 16:38 09 Oct 2007

Did your brother ever have the Windows XP disk?

Did he have laptop from someone else with no OS on it(Just the stickers) then put Widows 2000 on it?

The XP OS may well be on another computernow, thats maybe why your brother had to buy and install Win 2000.

  Ashrich 16:45 09 Oct 2007

Try borrowing someone's XP disk , it is likely that the pre-installed XP on the laptop was an OEM copy from the manufacturer and can't be used on another PC so the product key could still be valid .


  drewett 17:12 09 Oct 2007

Windows XP was definitely installed on the laptop, as it was an old company latop.

So the only way i could re-install XP would be to get hold of a disc?

I have asked family members but no one has one.

Will just have to stick to windows 2000 then.

  Totally-braindead 17:17 09 Oct 2007

You need an XP disk and it has to be the same as was on it, what I mean is if it has a sticker for XP Home you need a Home disk, if it is a professional sticker you will need a copy of Pro.
Keep asking about as most people are on XP now and someone must have it.
One warning though. Since its a laptop its unlikely it will have all the drivers for the laptop. So if you do get a disk from someone before you blank it and reinstall XP find the manufacturers website for the laptop and download all the XP drivers it needs and burn them to disk.

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