Windows xp pro wont boot up

  triflesterms 13:57 31 Jul 2006


Coz of all the virus's i had on my pc i had to reformat hd,now windows xp pro installed properly the 1st time i tried, but after shutting down & changing 1st boot device to hd & restarting pc i'd get windows pro logo with blue bar scrolling from right to left but after that the screen just stays black & dosent go into welcome screen.
I reinstalled windows again & the same thing happend but this time there were 2files that it wouldnt copy during the setup, i think one of them was kl something, ive checked everything in set up & it looks ok.

Hope someone can help?


  Terry Brown 14:43 31 Jul 2006

It sounds as if you have a problem with the CD. First-- Is the CD Clean (No fingermarks etc), try using a CD cleaner ( available from maplins) and a clean cloth.-- Next-- Do you have a another CD drive you can boot from-- Try a cd recovery program-click here (free trial).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 31 Jul 2006

windows pro logo with blue bar scrolling from right to left but after that the screen just stays black & dosent go into welcome screen.
it will take windows several minutes to get past this point patience may be all you need, give it at least 20 minutes before you decide to reboot.

  triflesterms 19:45 31 Jul 2006

I do have another cd rom, but i have tried it with both already, the cd is slightly scratched but i gave it a good wipe before puting cd in,
I have give it about 15min, i'll try just turning it on & leaving it for about an half an hour,if it dont come on then what should i do?


  triflesterms 12:39 01 Aug 2006


I turned my pc on & left for an hour or so & windows still didnt boot up, the screen just stayed blank.
Hope someone can help?


  Stuartli 12:48 01 Aug 2006

Try reverting back to booting from CD and do a Windows XP Repair (NOT Recovery Console).


click here

for details of how to Repair XP (to save typing it all out).

  phil46 13:44 01 Aug 2006

Put a W98 OR WME floppy in and choose without cd rom support type fdisk and click on display partitions you should see NTFS or FAT32 if your using that delete the partitions put your WXPorWXP-PRO in and reboot,you may have to set you boot to boot from the cd rom.

  phil46 13:47 01 Aug 2006

Oh forgot if you haven't go a floppy drive you can delete the partiton on install.

  triflesterms 12:34 04 Aug 2006


I havent got a w98 or xp pro floppy, but ive reinstalled windows twice & each time i booted to hd & cd rom, but its still the same, im just getting a blank screen after the windows xp logo.
Not sure whats going on here or what i can do to get this fixed, i dont have the internet at the moment so i wont be able to download anything to help me out.

Hope someone can help?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:48 04 Aug 2006

Unplug any external devices USB etc and reboot

Remove any internal cards your not using eg modem card and retry.

  triflesterms 12:24 07 Aug 2006


Ive done that & its still the same :(
Any other ideas?


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