Windows XP Pro loses files

  Amalric I 12:42 01 Feb 2006

I have been working nearly full time for the last three months on a business plan using MS Word and Excel. I have recently lost some Excel files, ones from the business plan, which I managed to recreate from memory in a day or so, but I got worried. I have recently installed WinBackup 2, and BeInSync. The last one keeps copys of files you are using on another PC on the network. Yesterday I backed up my entire My Documents folder to CD-RWs.
Then I ran Registry Mechanic to clean up any errors on the registry that might be causing problems. It found and removed many.
I went back to my 60 page Word file of the business plan and found that Word couldn't open it from the "recent files" list. I looked for it on the desktop and the icon had gone. It wan not in My Documents either. I found a 5 day old copy on the other networked PC and opened it. I closed Word without saving and went to get a USB memory stick to copy it to. I opened Word to "save as" to the memory stick. Word couldn't open this copy either, this time. Now I have lost the entire 3 months work, except the worksheets on Excel are still there for the time being.
BTW, if it matters, both machines are ~3MHz Pentium IV's runnng MS WinXP Pro, Word and Excel 2003. MS have no help for this error. Word offers to convert the file to Windows format, which turns out to be rubbish.

  Belatucadrus 13:03 01 Feb 2006

It may be a bit of overkill, but you could try OpenOffice click here it's very good at opening Microsoft files and as long as your backups aren't corrupt should access them.
As OpenOffice is fully open source, there are no license problems using it on business work.
Not sure what your problem with Office is, though it sounds like a corrupt file extension. Could the PC have been trying to access the CD backup copy from recent documents ? If the disk wasn't there, that would give it problems.

  Skyver 13:04 01 Feb 2006

Try this to see if you can track the missing file(s) down - XP search isn't nearly as thorough unless it's tweaked.
click here

Any blue screens or random crashes, does a disk check show any bad sectors? start menu/run, type `chkdsk /f`

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