Windows XP pro - loads drivers missing

  menopaws1947 20:02 07 Jan 2011

Bought Windows 7, counterfeit, installed my Windows XP pro (have used before and currently running on old PC). Loads of drivers missing, last time downloaded them on new laptop and it worked. This time is not working.

Have Samsung notebood NP R519, need Ethernet controller, video controller, graphics and audio. Have just spent last 6 hours downloading drivers and looking in forums and am going mad.

Please can anyone help ??
Thanks Sue
(can't use this PC for long as disabled and this kills my back )

  GaT7 20:11 07 Jan 2011

Where have you been downloading the drivers from?

Anyway, here's the official Samsung link for the R519 click here. Click on the Driver link under the Downloads tab to get all those drivers for XP & more. Download & install the chipset drivers too.

If you cannot access the above link with IE (continually refreshes for me) use Firefox or another browser. G

  menopaws1947 20:45 07 Jan 2011

Hi I downloaded about 95% of the drivers from the Samsung site. I presume, until I find the correct driver i can't connect to the internet - it seems to ring a bell. A lot of the drivers can't be put on a disc but go straight into the comp, for which I need to be online, talk about Catch 22 lol
Only one I could download and transfer was the chipset.

  Terry Brown 21:02 07 Jan 2011

You knowingly bought an illegal copy of Windows 7 and now are complaining because it does not work.

I appreciate that you want to save some money, we all do,however things go wrong, you have no offical channel to turn to.

This is the link for the drivers you require.
click here

  menopaws1947 21:07 07 Jan 2011

Terry I am a 63 year old pensioner and bought Windows 7 trusting it to be legal. Only found out fake when I had to clean hard drive, apparently from the time I bought it, in August, they had now realised they were excellent fakes and cancelled the key. Otherwise I would have never known

  GaT7 21:21 07 Jan 2011

To get the Internet working you need to download & install the Lan drivers - in the list they are:

Win XP : 5.726.525.2009 : Lan : 24 Oct, 2009 : 4.77

Btw, I've also been scammed with a fake copy of Win7 which only showed up as fake after activating & working perfectly for several months - similar to this person's experience click here. I was fortunate to have gotten a full refund though. G

  menopaws1947 21:42 07 Jan 2011

Wow I bought the Ultimate, and from ebay, have bought over 700 items without probs from them. Have not enquired about refund as just happened. Thanks for that info.

Meanwhile back to Samsung still trying, without luck

  Terry Brown 10:27 08 Jan 2011

As you bought it from Ebay as a Genuine article, complain to Ebay, and there is a chance you may get your money refunded, and the supplier stopped.

First Consider:

Was it in a sealed container with the windows logo?
Was it advertised as Genuine?

If the answer to either of those was NO, then report it to Ebay,and write to the supplier, however you may not get your money back.

Unfortunatly there are many 'Scammers', that make a copy, take the money and run.

Good Luck


  Terry Brown 10:32 08 Jan 2011

If you are willing to take a chance on getting a 'Genuine' Windows 7 key, this is a link, however, wether they are genuine or not, your guess is a good as mine.

You will need a program called Utorrent to download them.

click here

  menopaws1947 11:14 08 Jan 2011

Well Terry, a couple of days after buying it i received an email from Norway. He had bought one and said was fake and sent youtube vid to test if ur copy was scam. If u could peel away the wavy line around edge of disc it was fake, if embedded was ok. I had already, sucessfully, installed it, activated it etc but the edge DID peel off. Emailed seller with no response and must admit thought i was mistaken as was working

Yes to all!! was a beautiful copy ! very well made, sealed etc am going to claim, apparently they have had so many want letters from Microsoft to say was a fake.

At nearly 1am last night i actually got my XP working, i doubled checked and had downloaded Vista 64 bit drivers instead of 32 bit mmm well on Samsung site they are very close lol
Thanks for advice am going to check it out

  GaT7 17:37 08 Jan 2011

So what happens when you try to install the LAN / other drivers?


Unfortunately, it's too much too late to put in a eBay/PayPal claim as their 45-day dispute window has long since past. They will now most likely wash their hands of the whole thing - even if you can prove that it is indeed fake. But there may be other ways of pursuing it, or at least getting a possible (but not guaranteed) free replacement via Microsoft - more about this if you can start a relevant fresh thread in the Consumerwatch forum click here at some point.

I was fortunate to get my money back as I purchased from an eBay 'Business' seller, who had been inadvertently scammed by his supplier (has happened to many honest people/businesses).

By the way, you cannot get a genuine Windows 7 key from anywhere except Microsoft, & possibly a handful of other MS certified online dealers. If the price is too good to be true, do NOT buy & waste your money again. Even it looks legit, always ask about it at knowledgeable forums before purchasing. G

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