Windows XP Pro Activation

  mattyc_92 12:40 28 Dec 2005

Hi, yesterday I had to format my system due to various problems and I didn't have a backup of my system that where missing these problems.

Unfortunatly, I had to phone up Microsoft to get Windows activated as when trying to activate via the net I had the "Exceed activation" error.

My question is, would I have to phone Microsoft from now on to activate my Windows (it is a Retail version)?

As usual, thanks in advance.

  ACOLYTE 12:45 28 Dec 2005

I dont see why you would have to phone them all the time,you should be able to do it off the web,i have phoned them and still done it off the web after when i need to reactivate again.Mine is an upgrade version of XP home it may be different with XP pro,but i dont see why.

  spuds 12:45 28 Dec 2005

I always find the telephone call is the best way, saves further problems.

  mattyc_92 12:52 28 Dec 2005

I usually use the net to activate, but it was saying that I have activated windows more than I am "allowed" to. Then starting to explain that I will have to buy a new license. I was disagreeing with this, so I phoned MS and after about 4 minutes of the "robot" explaining what to do, I had to enter the ID number. Then it transferred me to a operator, and I had to explain what has happened. He asked me some questions to make sure I had a legal version (which I do) and then gave me the unlock code.

The problem is, I have to use my mobile, as my land-line phone is wired and can't reach to the computer, so it costs me for the call.

So does anyone know if their "logs" get cleared anytime (so I can activate Windows over the net)?

Sorry for confusion.

  Chegs ®™ 13:30 28 Dec 2005

Your allowed to reactivate online upto 12 times(depending on what mood MS computers in )in succession,then you have to phone the call-centre in India(if the "input the 40+ numbers via telephone keypad" fails,mine generally does)This "resets" your online activation to zero,so you can do it online again.

This was how it was working up until recently,when I had done nothing more than OC my CPU a tiny fraction(XP2600-XP2700)and XP demanded I reactivate before I could even get into the OS to perform an online reactivation,so I had to phone "Mahout" in India,whose english left a lot to be desired,and further compounded my problem by giving me the wrong flipping reactivation code and trying to get over to him that XP had popped up a wrong ID code message was ruddy hardwork.

After all the messing round with reactivation,I have now chosen to keep a copy of wpa.dbl,my Volume serial numbers,and if XP starts demanding reactivation,I use DOS to revert the Volume serial number to before format,and then copy the wpa.dbl file back via recovery console.

FE has requested clarification from MS on reactivation issues,as their website states you can change various hardware items without reactivating XP,yet lots of folks found adding RAM,switching graphics cards,hard-drives,etc caused XP to need reactivation.

  Chegs ®™ 13:34 28 Dec 2005

To save your mobile costs,just write down the ID numbers from activation screen,and use a phone-box to call MS,remembering to take pen+ paper to write down the new ID number.

I have used this method before,as BT had disconnected my phone.

  mattyc_92 14:03 28 Dec 2005

Cheers Chegs ®™......

Thanks for clearing things up for me....

Thanks to all who took interest...

Will Tick.

  Zak 14:08 28 Dec 2005

Following extracted from:

Windows XP Tip

From Tony Bradley, CISSP-ISSAP,
Your Guide to Internet / Network Security.

How to Reinstall Windows XP Without Having to Reactivate With Microsoft

click here

Users who reformat their hard drive and perform a clean installation of the operating system will find that they need to reactivate the product. But, as long as the new installation is on the same system and there won't be any hardware changes it is possible to transfer the existing product activation and skip having to go through the product activation process again. Follow the steps below to save the activation status information and restore it once your system is rebuilt:

Double-click My Computer
Double-click on the "C" drive
Go to the C:\Windows\System32 folder (you may have to click on the link that says "Show The contents of this folder")
Find the files "wpa.dbl" and "wpa.bak" and copy them to a safe location. You can copy them on a floppy drive or burn it onto a CD or DVD.
After you have reinstalled Windows XP on your reformatted hard drive, click "No" when asked if you want to go ahead and go through the activation process
Reboot your computer into SafeMode (you can either press F8 as Windows is booting up to see the Windows Advanced Options menu and select SAFEBOOT_OPTION=Minimal or follow the instructions in Starting Windows XP in SafeMode
Double-click My Computer
Double-click on the "C" drive
Go to the C:\Windows\System32 folder (you may have to click on the link that says "Show The contents of this folder")
Find the file "wpa.dbl" and "wpa.bak" (if it exists) and rename them to "" and ""
Copy your original "wpa.dbl" and "wpa.bak" files from your floppy disk, CD or DVD into the C:\Windows\System32 folder
Restart your system (if you followed the directions in Starting Windows XP in SafeMode you may need to go back into MSCONFIG to turn off booting into SafeMode)
Voila! Your Windows XP operating system is now reinstalled on your reformatted hard drive and you are all activated without having to actually go through the product activation process!
Remember though. This won't work for transferring activation information from one computer to another or if you alter the hardware because the information contained in your "wpa.dbl" file will not match the configuration of the computer. This trick is only for reinstalling Windows XP on the exact same computer after formatting the hard drive.

  Chegs ®™ 18:38 28 Dec 2005

If your replacing a HD or reinstalling after format,then the use of this click here nifty app will also assist in avoiding reactivation if used together with a backup of wpa.dbl as detailed above.

  mattyc_92 20:02 28 Dec 2005

I have just this second finished trying what you have posted.

I formatted the system (creating a backup of the whole system and putting it on my other drive) and then tried it, and I kept on getting "Corrupt Files" message when trying to login in Normal Mode. :(

Tried many different ways (e.g. case sensitivity), but no good.

What I have done is when i had to phone MS, I created a system backup of the system once activated and put it on CD, just incase.

Chegs ®™

What program are you talking about?

Thanks for all interest!!!!

  Chegs ®™ 21:19 30 Dec 2005

ver. 2.01 For All-9x/NT/2K/XP. This tiny utility allows you to manually set the Volume Serial Number on any partition. Among its many uses, it provides an extra layer of convenience for Win XP users with respect to Windows Product Activation. Click here for more information. By Mark Russinovich of SysInternals. (Take a look at Mark’s other freeware offerings on the same page for all versions of Windows.)

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