Windows XP Photo Printing Wizard

  Gary 21:37 18 Mar 2003

I have just upgraded to Windows XP. I have been experimenting with the Photo Printing wizard and have been able to print out photographs at standard sizes with multiple images per sheet. However, I would like to add a print size to those which are currently available (4"x5.4" with 4 per sheet). Can anyone tell me if and how I can do this?

  MAJ 23:33 18 Mar 2003

Not sure if you can add that layout to the wizard or not, Gary, but you could do it in Word, if you have that.

  Gary 11:05 19 Mar 2003

I do have Word so I can do it that way - but it's a real pain having to lay photographs out on sheets to print them if you've got 50+ to print off. The Windows Photo Printing wizard is a really good idea but it would be even better if I could add my own print sizes.

I was wondering whether anyone knew of any free/shareware add ons to the program that would allow me to do this? Failing that, does anyone know of a "suggestions box" for Microsoft somewhere on the Internet where I could make this suggestion?

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