windows xp passwords

  OICUR2Y's4Me 10:18 22 Jan 2005

a friend's kids have changed his password on his laptop for windows and can't remember what they changed it to.
Is there someway to bypass the password?
or maybe deleat it through DOS??

Thanks in advance

  [email protected] 10:26 22 Jan 2005

I too have suffered the same fate God Bless them I seem to remember that you can remove the bios battery for 30 seconds but I remember a thread some time ago which gaVE AN ALTERNATIVE ROUTE so I suggest you wait for that adviser to come online again I too will try to find the thread going back thro the pages of PC Advisor takes time

  Brock100 12:58 22 Jan 2005

I hade the same problem and the answer I was given was to use the back up disks supplied with the comp. Start up the PC put the disk in cd drive and follow the instructions. Worked for me !!

  Eric10 13:17 22 Jan 2005

If it's XP Home then you should boot up in Safe mode (Press F8 repeatedly early in the boot sequence) then you should get an Administrator login as Windows starts. The password is usually blank for XP Home. If it's XP Pro then press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice at the login page to bring up the administrator login. Again the password may be blank unless a specific one has been set but the kids shouldn't have been able to change this. Once logged in as administrator you can change any other password.

  ACOLYTE 13:26 22 Jan 2005

Im not sure but dont you need to know the other passord to change it with the admin account?it usually asks to prove your identity by typing the password.

  Eric10 13:41 22 Jan 2005

Administrator can set or change any other password. Other users can't, unless they have administrator rights. I've just done it in XP Pro and I don't think Home is any different.

  OICUR2Y's4Me 22:39 22 Jan 2005

Thank-you all very much for the advice.
I will pass your suggestion on to my friend to try.
I will get back to you with the results.....


  Dutchy11 22:48 22 Jan 2005

The "hidden" admin password in xp accessed via Safe mode is the way to go. If for some reason this does not work - then there a couple of utilities that can access and change passwords in XP / 2000 that do not require you to know the old password.

click here
but you would have to write it to disc/ CD for them.

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