Windows XP Over Vista

  ScoobysDos 23:09 03 Mar 2009

I have just bought myself an ACER Aspire Computer and it has Windows Vista Premium already installed on it. I have already previously bought 2 Windows XP Serials with CD's as I have booted my laptop etc. However this is not where the problem lies. When I put the XP CD in it starts booting up XP (as I have already changed the boot series to CD first) and it start going through the blue screen section etc and the it comes up 'STOP 0x0000007B' and that's it... the boot process stops. How do I get past this and get a rid of Vista and put XP on to my computer?

P.S. I already have all the drivers etc on disc... all I want to know is how to delete Vista and put XP on it!!

Kind regards... Vista Hater!!

  CalmCookie 23:21 03 Mar 2009

You may well find that your mass storage controller requires a driver so that XP installation can continue...
ie: During the first phase of the Windows XP installation, Setup displays the following message at the bottom of the screen:
Press F6 if you have to install a third-party SCSI or RAID driver.
Press F6 and then follow the instructions to install a mass-storage device driver from your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

This is a common reason for showing that STOP message.


  CalmCookie 23:22 03 Mar 2009

More of a read here: click here


  canarieslover 10:16 04 Mar 2009

Depends on what level of Service Pack is on your XP cd. I believe sp2 supports SATA and I know that sp3 does having just slipstreamed sp3 to my original XP cd. This installed onto a SATA drive with no problems whatsoever. Download nLite click here , and Win XP sp3. click here and save to disk. Install and run nLite and follow instructions. You will end up with an iso file that you burn to disk to use as your new install disk.

  ScoobysDos 13:37 04 Mar 2009

I have 2 XP Pro SP2 Discs and both of these do not work. I also tried that nLite and made a bootable disc with SP3 integrated in to it and still this does not work. On the blue screen it says at the bottom 'Starting Windows' and that's when the 'STOP' error message comes up.

As for the Raid driver and pressing F6, when I do this it asks me if I have an OEM driver? When I click yes or 'S' as it asks it says it can not find a floppy drive on my computer which is correct as I don't have one and when I press 'ENTER' to bypass this it carries on the install process to the 'Starting Windows' Blue screen and then back to the 'STOP' message!

All I want to do is get a rid of Vista and put my well used and trusted XP Pro on to my new computer and I am finding this ni-on impossible!

Please help as I can't stand Vista any longer and thanks to everyone so far.

  ventanas 13:42 04 Mar 2009

One point, you say your computer is new. Doing what you intend could well invalidate the warranty.
And why on earth do you want do do this? Get used to Vista and you will find just how much better it is.

  ScoobysDos 14:25 04 Mar 2009

Yeah it's much better than XP; With all the crashing, the massive amount of CPU and RAM Vista needs just to run and not to mention all the messages when you are trying to do something asking do you want to install, are you sure you want to install, are you really sure... it was me that put the installation CD so yeah.. I think I want to install it!!

It is Microsoft at it's best making software stupified for those who don't have a clue how to read 'Start' so instead we will replace it with a circle! No doubt that will change on the next one when they realise people don't know what a circle is!!

  CalmCookie 19:50 04 Mar 2009

You could always turn off UAC in Vista...then no more install messages popping up asking are you sure you want to do that!

It's there mainly for safety of those who just use their PC as a tool but don't really understand how it works.


  Paul uk86 18:54 16 May 2009

Hi ScoobysDos, what acer aspire model do u have? We have the 5535 laptop and it also came with vista.After a lot of reading different sites i was able to get rid of vista and install windows xp. First i made sure my laptop booting from the cd drive and also i changed the sata mode setting from AHCI to IDE and then saved it in the bios. I then booted from windows xp and with it being in IDE mode it reconized the hard drive so i was able to format c drive and then installing windows xp was a breeze.You will still need the xp drivers for your computer but not the sata drivers as u would of been able to install xp pro now. My bios setup was gained by pressing F2. I have found that when swapping back to AHCI my computer keeps rebooting so ive still got it in IDE mode.A small price to pay to get rid of a crap OS like vista.

  Paul uk86 18:57 16 May 2009

forget nlite, i had problems with that as well.Just use your original windows xp pro disk

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