windows xp os

  gomez554 12:01 25 Jul 2010

anyone know where i can get a cheap copy of windows xp os, the hard drive on my laptop failed over the weekend and i have to intall a new one meaning i'll have re-install the operating system...pretty sure i don't have the backup disc that came with the laptop (dell inspiron 6400) so i'll need a new copy...but even if i did have it can install the backup disc on a band new hard drive?

please help..thx

  johndrew 12:22 25 Jul 2010

You may find this of help click here

If you use the XP CD you will still need all the drivers click here. Whether Dell will supply a CD I`m not sure but that is another option; try click here

A pity the drive failed (I presume it was the drive?) as I think you could have recovered the OS installation using a Command Prompt and typing "imagex/apply d:\dell\image\factory.wim 1 c:\"

  Taff™ 12:36 25 Jul 2010

If you had the Recovery DVD`s you could re-install on the new drive using them however it simply isn`t worth paying to get another set. First of all can you check that you can read the COA sticker on the bottom of the laptop - don`t post the product code here please. Does it say which version of XP? (Home or Pro?)

  gomez554 12:51 25 Jul 2010

firstly JOHNDREW: thanks for the links mate i'll start downloading all those files and install them once i get the new hard drive and OS in, cheers. it was the drive that failed just gave up and gave me the blue screen of death, i've bought a 2.5" harddrive sata usb dock, any chance i'll be able to extract my files from the dead drive or is it a hopeless cause

and secondly TAFF: yeah the coa sticker is intact and the product key is clearly visible, i'm turning my house upside to find that recory disc but i'm 90% sure it only contained the dell drivers and utilties and not the operating system (xp home edition)

  Taff™ 13:07 25 Jul 2010

There`s sometimes two discs from Dell, one the Utilities & Drivers and then one for the OS.

No matter, you need to get your hands on an XP Home disc to install the OS using the product key on your sticker. Then load all the drivers either from your Dell Disc or from the link johndrew gave you.

  gomez554 13:11 25 Jul 2010

so are you saying that i can get just any xp home disc, install it then just use my own product key?

  Taff™ 13:13 25 Jul 2010

Basically, Yes but it must be a Microsoft Disc or a copy of one not a Recovery Disc from another computer. Got any mates who have one?

  gomez554 13:18 25 Jul 2010

probably but if i can't i should be able to get one online from ebay, or do you know anywhere better?

  Taff™ 13:26 25 Jul 2010

Ask around your mates. You`re only wanting a copy since the license key is on the product. It isn`t worth buying an original disc with a new license. If you can`t find one I`d be tempted to ask a local independent computer shop if they would let you have one for a nominal fee or ask them how much to re-install the OS.

  johndrew 14:45 25 Jul 2010

Make certain the XP CD is the same as was installed (Home/Pro) or the key will fail.

You could try to recover your files from the failed drive but unless it is at least running I think it would be an expensive job for the specialists.

For the future, if you had everything backed up on an external drive using something like Acronis True Image, the recovery job would have been to simply reinstall to the new drive from the backup. Nothing lost that way ;-)

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