Windows XP or ME ??

  User-094F1903-76AA-446C-84BF593A78F2A679 18:18 04 Jan 2004

Please can anyone advise which is the better operating system for a home PC ?
I was advised that XP is only a new boxed version of ME - however I am getting many problems now with ME and was thinking of upgrading to XP Home.

Also - if XP is the better one, do I get the "Upgrade" version or is it better to fully install the "whole" version?

Thanks for all you help in anticipation

  Rayuk 18:21 04 Jan 2004

Havnt used ME went from 98SE to XP one of best pc upgrades I have done.

You only need the upgrade version if you have a copy of ME.When you instal XP it just asks you to put in ME cdrom to check you have a legal copy.

  Joe McG 18:24 04 Jan 2004


Have used both, and xp wins in every way possible. Go for it.

  No Ideas 18:27 04 Jan 2004

XP every time - but only if you're up to it

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  Mat2 18:30 04 Jan 2004

Hi av8ter

As you mention in your thread about getting problems with Windows Me, i would upgrade to Xp. As far as i can see Xp has got some features which started life in windows me, but i think xp is more reliable and alot more stable, i have been using xp for nearly two years and i have fond it to be alot better than previous versions of windows. Also i run the the upgarde and the whole version i can not see any diffece between to two

With regards to whether to buy the upgrade or the whole version, the only difference i can see between is the whole version will boot and the upgrade does not, but you can get a boot uility from Microsoft to create a set of boot disk for Xp.

I hope this will help you decide


  anchor 18:36 04 Jan 2004

I was one the most stick-in-the-mud people you could find. ME was for me, and you could keep XP!.

However, a couple of months ago I made the switch to XP. Yes, at first it seemed strange, and I sometimes wished I could go back to ME. It took a while to get used to, but now I can see why so many recommend it. It certainly is more stable, and offers features that earlier windows do not.

In conclusion, go for it, with the caveat that some older hardware, and even some software "may" give problems. The Program Compatibility Wizard sometimes, but not always, might help with software.

  robert-298198 18:37 04 Jan 2004

Went from win98 to xp home and never looked back...brilliant o.s.

  ton 18:46 04 Jan 2004

Is your PC spec high enough for XP? If not you will still have problems.

  dac2000_uk 18:55 04 Jan 2004

XP - much more stable than Me

  Djohn 18:55 04 Jan 2004

The upgrade version of XP will boot exactly the same as the full version. There is nothing left out whatsoever. The only difference between the two is the product key number.

With the upgrade version all you have to do is insert your qualifying CD to be checked, you can then carry on to format and do a full clean install. j.

  spikeychris 19:00 04 Jan 2004

"I was advised that XP is only a new boxed version of ME"

There is nothing that could be further from the truth. ME is M$'s worst ever OS.

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