Windows XP, odd 'folder' problem

  Oldcodger 19:50 28 Jul 2003

I have a lot of images, all in appropriate folders, and I like to view them in XP's "filmstrip" mode.
Most are OK but a couple put a short scroll-bar at the end of the line of pics which means I can't whizz along them using my scroll wheel.
This is, of course, no more than a niggle - but I think an interesting one - I can't find how to get rid of it!! (the scroll bar)
I even made a new folder for one of them, and transferred all the images into it - same result, which seems to prove it's to do with the folder content - not the actual folder.
The images are all jpegs, about 200 - 300Kb each - same as all the other files.
Any bright ideas please?

looks like you have us all beaten with this one, i cant seem to emulate this problem with any of my image folders. is this a vertical scrollbar at the end of the strip?

(i prefer a thumbnail view with 16 thumnails all visible at once and scrolling up and down myself)

  jazzypop 21:05 28 Jul 2003

If there are more pictures in the folder than can be displayed side-by-side in the thumbnail previews at the bottom of the filmstrip, then Windows must use a scrollbar - how else would you be able to view the non-visible pictures?

If your scroll wheel does not recognise that the only possible direction in which to scroll is horizontally, rather than vertically, then that is a fault with the mouse driver software. Check the manufacturer's website for updates.

My mouse will recognise when the only option is to scroll horizontally, and will automatically adjust to move the slider bars side-to-side rather than up and down, when appropriate.

My apologies if I have misunderstood your problem.

  keith-236785 21:28 28 Jul 2003

instead of just turning the scroll wheel, try clicking it (press it), your curser should change to a four way arrow (only applies if you have scroll bars bottom and right hand side), then just move your mouse in the direction you want to scroll.

hope this helps

  Oldcodger 20:14 29 Jul 2003

jazzypop thanks for input. To clarify (I hope) - in most folders there is only a scrollbar along the bottom (which I can use if I want) and my mouse wheel then scrolls horizontally. However, as soon as a scrollbar appears on the right (just the height of the thumnails making up the filmstrip) it detects it and will only nudge the strip up and down a touch. Then I have to grab the scroll bar (or right arrow) and zoom along that way - in fact it all works normally apart from the right scroll bar shouldn't be there! It doesn't seem to have any relation to the number of pics involved.
Any more thoughts?

  Oldcodger 19:44 07 Aug 2003

For those interested - I pinned down the source of the unwanted scroll-bar to 5 jpeg files in various folders. I checked them all for anything in common - nothing (3 from slide scans, 1 from digital camera, 1 a'composite' via Photoshop saved as jpeg) and I checked to see if there was anything different to any other files that did not cause this effect. I found nothing.
Any ideas? If not I'll tick this as 'resolved' next visit.
Thanks to anyone having a 'look'.

  wee eddie 22:44 07 Aug 2003

The scroll bar on the right hand end in Film Strip allows those with Long File Names (64 letters or longer) to read the whole name.

  Oldcodger 20:57 08 Aug 2003

wee eddie - many thanks. I was heading along that path (i.e. text) but didn't spot that the common factor was that all the "suspect" files ended with 'dots' at the end of the second line - indicating 'more to come'. As you say, you can't read more than 2 lines without scrolling down. These things are obvious once you know!
Anyway, I experimented a lot more and found the max characters acceptable (165) - the top line varies according to the wording.
I now choose my filenames more carefully.
Thanks all.

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