Windows xp not starting properly help appreciated

  gazmix 19:35 02 May 2009

All was fine this morning, & then i turned my pc off!
This evening, i turned pc on & immediately, i got the black screen with what said as near as i can remember!

Windows cannot start, appologise for the inconvenience, probably to do with a software or hardware change & that i should start in safe mode or normally or like last configurations etc! I clicked last configurations & then got pc rebooting again & back to same black screen!

This happened 3 times & then the 'blue' windows screen appeared & it was checking all types of things & then 'touch wood' it started ok! But am scared of shutting down again!! as it may not restart!
I haven't done anything like changed hardware or software!

Can anyone advise!!


  Taff™ 19:39 02 May 2009

"'blue' windows screen appeared & it was checking all types of things" - probably check disc?

Do you have an original XP Disc? Not a Recovery CD.

  gazmix 19:45 02 May 2009

Yes, it was checking things it said & slowly was going through various things!

I bought this pc from a shop with XP installed, i have no disk!

What could've happened!!

All i know from what it said about recent hard/software changes is that i haven't upgraded my AV to latest version!

Has it kind of 'repaired' itself??


  Geeksy 19:53 02 May 2009

Hopefully its sorted itself out but if the Blue screen happens again note down the error code which will help to identify what problem is.

  gazmix 20:05 02 May 2009

I shut down & then booted up & all seems ok, i got the 'compaq' screen which i think is the bios! & then Windows started normally!

Does this happen for a reason or regularly & repair itself??

Maybe i did something in my last session online, i dunno & maybe i could do something to prevent it happening again, like a defrag or something!

In system tools>backup, is this something i could use to back up my XP incase it needs formatting!! No i guess?


  Taff™ 07:53 03 May 2009

There are several precautions you can take in case of a complete system failure. First of all make sure you back up any data you can`t afford to lose. Preferably to an external Hard Disc Drive. Simply copying your Documents, Pictures and Music will give some peace of mind.

A complete back up of the HDD is best done with Acronis True Image click here which you can get from Amazon from £25. This creates an image of the entire HDD including Programs, Data and Operating System with Drivers so that in the event of a HDD failure you could simply restore to a new drive and be back up and running. Norton Ghost is another alternative but a lot of Forum members use ATI.

A bit concerned that you don`t have any discs from the OEM supplier. Do you at least have a Valid Certificate Of Authentication (A Sticker) on the computer with the CD Key on it? In any event click here and run Belarc Advisor then print out the results for future reference. It will give you details of your current Hardware set up and installed software including CD Keys.

It may be that you have to create your own Recovery CD`s so there may be a Compaq Program on the system to do that. Look for something in "Recovery Manager" or "Maintenance"

  gazmix 08:54 03 May 2009

Yes it does have the sticker but no disk came with it.
Is it possible to create a copy of my XP onto another disk?. Is this in Recovery manager & where is that?

Does XP repair itself?, i did a CHKDSK which i googled
click here
& it did what initially it did by itself!, it then proceeded to my desktop as normal, so am assuming all is ok now!!(touchwood).

  Taff™ 07:59 04 May 2009

I was right about CHKDSK then! (See my first post. The Recovery Manager or Maintenance folder will be in Start>All Programs. Compaq uses various programs to create recovery discs and there should be one of them on your computer. Have a look around and post back with your findings. The only other option is to contact the computer shop and ask them what it`s likely to be on your machine. (Or post back with the make and model number produced from the Belarc Report)

  gazmix 01:07 05 May 2009

I see nowhere in start>Programmes, anything to do with Recovery manager!, only backup!!!

Is it in 'system tools' or something?

I will post the belarc report soon.

  Taff™ 06:25 05 May 2009

It will be a stand alone program. The make and model of the computer might just give us a breakdown of the factory installed software. Is the model number printed on the computer itself?

  gazmix 12:25 05 May 2009

This 'black screen' with white writing & options happened again this morning!
I had options to do different things & i just clicked on 'start Windows as normal' & it did straight away!
I wonder why it happened again? :/

It gives a product key & a number at the side going vertical!


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