windows xp - norton 2004 - add/remove

  flumps 19:01 16 Apr 2004

recently got a new PC running windows xp (home) also installed norton internet security 2004. all was well until yesterday. logged onto the interent and got an error message regarding norton anti virus. closed down internet connection checked error message and was told that NAV had been tampered with and needed reinstalling. got out the manual uninstalled all of norton as it didn't give me the option just to uninstall NAV and then reinstalled. during installation i unticked the box regarding parental control/accounts, thinking it would be faster and i could sort it out accounts later. selected a password for supervisor account etc. and installed.

rebooted PC then went to configure norton. realised that i wasn't logged in as supervisor but under my previous login name as a normal user, therefore did not have access to all options. so i went to user accounts to log out and log in as supervisor but there were no options??

thinking that the installation had some how gone wrong i decied best to uninstall and try again. went to add/remove programs but can not uninstall unless i am logged into norton as supervisor. going round in circles read the manual getting nowhere. help

also when first installed i used the product activation key, hasn't asked me for it automatically this time. do i need to activate agian afer a reinstallment. although so far it seems to be working. just don't have supervisor rights.


  hugh-265156 19:08 16 Apr 2004

restart your computer in safe mode(keep tapping F8 when you switch on the computer)and select it from the list.

you should now see the admin account and be able to select it.

try uninstalling norton from add remove progs here.

  GaT7 19:21 16 Apr 2004

If no joy with huggyg71's suggestion try this:

"Removing Norton Internet Security™ 2004 in Windows XP/2000 after Add/Remove Programs does not work" - click here=

You may need this when reinstalling: "Reinstalling your Symantec program after a failed installation or after you see error messages" -
click here=

  GaT7 19:40 16 Apr 2004

Also see: "Norton Internet Security™ or Norton Personal Firewall™ 2003 or 2004 unexpectedly asks for a supervisor password ... When you start the program, all the buttons appear dimmed, and the program asks you for a supervisor password any time that you try to change the settings. This can also happen when uninstalling Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall." - click here

  flumps 17:30 17 Apr 2004

thank you for the suggestions going to give them ago. will let you know how i get on.

  flumps 14:42 18 Apr 2004


i tried your suggestion in safe mode (without networking and command prompt) but unfortunately it wouldn't let me remove norton as the PC was running in safe mode.


thank you for the tips (looked at them carefully) but at the moment i am too scared to use them in case i mess up the registry and i really need the PC to work well for the next 2 months due to coursework and exams. but will probably give them a shot later, unless by some miracle i find another solution.

norton products are good providing they are running well, but i have found with experience when things go wrong they really mess things up big time and so complex to sort out.

  GaT7 20:52 18 Apr 2004

Yes, if things go wrong with Norton products they can be a right pain in the wrong place! Have had my share of bad experiences with them too : (

I think you should be OK in carrying out the fix(es) if you take the necessary precautions of backing-up your registry & being careful while deleting keys/entries.

You could also use System Restore if things went wrong. Not too sure about this, though, as I don't know much about it to give adequate advice, but other WinXP users who do know should do a good job.

  rickimalone 21:43 18 Apr 2004

Follow this to the letter

Go to RUN in start menu> type "regedit"

Then click on > hkey_local_machine > expand software > right click on symantec folder >

Then click on permissions and make sure all users have full permission...

  rickimalone 21:46 18 Apr 2004

Have had to do exactly what your doing now a few months ago.......

Do what I said then reinstall NIS2004 then unistall.......

More problems and ill talk you through it.

  kp 22:44 18 Apr 2004

You could try a system restore to a point prior to the very first NIS install, then reinstall NIS.

  rickimalone 23:00 18 Apr 2004

System restore wont work as Norton in this state will think its under attack with error message.

" un-known program is trying to change the setting of Norton Internet security"

Then it will try and reboot the PC to solve the settings error and then your stuck in a cycle of rebooting that is very complex to end........

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