windows xp messes up hard drive...

  daxian 00:28 25 Sep 2004

hi guys .....
any body heard of a "copy" of xp, that when you try to load it messes up your hard drive,so you cant load any other operating system .
i have been presented with a computer to repair ,the owner said he was given a "copy" of xp and when he tried to install it ,it got as far as the first reboot ,and then came up with "missing operating system" and would not go any further .
after numerous attempts to get it running ,he gave up ...and brought it to me .
i told him he was an idiot ,that you get what you pay for and all that and suggested he go back to the original win 98 .
trouble is it wont accept formatting or repartitioning ,it goes through the motions in both ,then when i try to run the 98 disk setup ,it tells me the disk needs to be formatted ,so i format again, thenrun the 98 setup ,to be told the disk needs to be formatted.........any suggestions guys !

  Djohn 00:47 25 Sep 2004

Have you tried formatting the drive from a 98 boot floppy? The drive is probably set to NTFS from the XP install and needs returning to FAT.

  daxian 00:54 25 Sep 2004

hi djohn ...tried from boot floppy ,98 boot cd
even did a conversion thru my xp disk ,back to fat 32 ,then the boot floppy again ...
still comes back with disk needs to be formatted in 98 setup .....

  User-312386 00:57 25 Sep 2004

yes pop the win 98 cd in

  daxian 00:59 25 Sep 2004

also tried ....fdisk wipe partition ,create dos primary set to active ,then a format with the boot floppy ,still 98 says needs formatting .

  Djohn 01:02 25 Sep 2004

click here and download the win 98SE boot disk. From that instead of format, try fdisk. that should clear the drive and you can then install straight from the 98SE disk.

  Djohn 01:05 25 Sep 2004

Crossed post there. :o(

Can't think of what to try next. Usually fdisk will clear the way ready for a format/install.

  Djohn 01:18 25 Sep 2004

and came up with a suggestion that when a drive will not format after having XP installed the best way is to forget the boot floppy and boot straight from 98se disk.

Go into BIOS, make the CD drive first bootable device, insert the CD and reboot, it should now pick up from there. Format and try install again.

  temp003 04:28 25 Sep 2004

I would try Daxian's suggestion of fdisk using the 98 floppy. Boot up computer with 98 boot floppy, at the A prompt, type fdisk and Enter. Say yes to large disk support, then if the partition is an NTFS partition, it should be shown as a non-DOS partition. Delete it. If it has already been changed to FAT32 partition, just delete it. Then recreate primary partition. Exit fdisk. Restart, start with CDROM support, enter fdisk again to verify the status of the partition. If it look OK, exit fdisk, format C, and install 98 in the normal way.

If it still doesn't work, go into BIOS to make sure that if there is a virus protection for the MBR (or MBR write-protect), disable it. Save settings and try installing again.

  Dorsai 08:12 25 Sep 2004

click here

search for 'delpart'. it's almost at the bottom of the page.

somthing to do with fdisk not getting along with ntfs partitions.

" FDISK is not completely compatible with NTFS partitions, which causes it to mess up when deleting non-primary NTFS partitions.

Cannot delete Extended DOS Partition while logical drives exist

No Logical Drives defined

To make up for that Microsoft created the Delpart.exe, which makes it possible to delete logical NTFS partitions within an extended partition without deleting the wrong partitions.

Dunno if it's what you need though.

  Valvegrid 08:23 25 Sep 2004

Just to confirm delpart.exe in the link Dorsai pasted does work, I've removed the partitions from a number of computers that have had NTFS on them so that I can FDISK them back to FAT32, it works a treat.

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