Windows XP login Password Problem

  Shalo 17:44 18 Mar 2006

Hi there everyone,
Heres a testing One !!
Got myself lumbered with a friends pc who was having problems with a broadband connection, went round and found they were running a old heap with windows 98 on it, and stupidly said yeah ill take it home and stick Xp on it ! what a mistake ! eventually got it to install and then hit the login screen and it asks for a password ?????? But i never put one in on the initial set up page ?? im confused... anyone know a way round this ????

Much appreciate any help and i will kneel before any guru who can suss this !!


  ACOLYTE 17:49 18 Mar 2006

Try starting in safe mode and logging in with the admin account,then check the other account you made and delete any passwords you find.

  VoG II 17:49 18 Mar 2006

Have you tried just pressing Enter?

If that doesn't work start in Safe Mode click here and log on as Administrator. You should then be able to reset the password.

  Shalo 17:58 18 Mar 2006

Yes tried enter .. now going to try the safe mode option ... what will the adminstrator password be ? i havent set one ..


  ACOLYTE 18:00 18 Mar 2006

Shouldnt be one if you havent set it,a word to the wise when you do get it set be sure to set an admin password,it will stop people doing what we told you to do lol.

  Shalo 18:03 18 Mar 2006

is the admin password set in the primary boot partition cos just pressing enter does not work there either ... i think a reformat +fdisk may do it !!

  ACOLYTE 18:05 18 Mar 2006

You dont press enter to get to safe mode you press F5/F8 depending on you setup and click the login account that appears.

  ACOLYTE 18:06 18 Mar 2006

If there is already a Admin pass set,then i cant help,by default there shoud'nt be.

  Shalo 18:07 18 Mar 2006

i done the safe mode with no prob, got admin login up but it also needs a passoword, tried lots like admin administrator, what i meant was is the admin password stored in a partition of the drive which has a legacy from the old 98 installation ?

thanks for this by the way

  ACOLYTE 18:09 18 Mar 2006

98 doesnt have an admin acount as far as i know so that shouldnt affect xp,did you format the drive before installing xp or just upgrade?

  sunny staines 18:10 18 Mar 2006

re load xp and set a new password [make note of anyp/w you set]

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