Windows XP Live Mail - email attachments

  GeoffR 14:15 30 Oct 2010

I have a number of documents, saved as Word 2007 (docx), which I attach to emails but when I atempt to open an attachment it always opens in Microsoft Works Word Processor. The result is a slightly garbled version of the original Word document. ? any advice on making the documents open in Word 2007.

  Gongoozler 15:57 30 Oct 2010

Search your hard drive for any docx file, right click on it and select "Open With...". In the dialogue box scroll down until you find "Microsoft Office Word" or whatever it is called in the list. Also put a tick in the box for "Always use the selected program etc"

  GeoffR 13:24 31 Oct 2010

Many thanks for the advice but unfortunately I was unable to follow it completely. I was able to get to "Open with..." and that produced a list of poissible programs, including Microsoft Word but there was no sign of a box "always use the selected program". On clicking on Word the document was apparently in that format but as soon as I put it as an email attachment it opened in Works Word Processor

  GeoffR 14:00 31 Oct 2010

I think I have cracked this one. Having opened a document I went to "Properties" and found a box which allows one to indicate the program the file should be opened with. Having changed this to Word all seems to be well. Many thanks for prompt assistance

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