Windows XP Licence

  WightRob 12:08 07 Nov 2006

A couple of months ago my motherboard was damaged beyond repair by a power surge during a thunderstorm.
I was told at the time by one repair shop that as I had an OEM copy of Win XP Home, I would need to buy a new copy. Another repairer told me that they could re-install the exising copy. In the end I bought a new machine with a new copy of XP.
I have now rebuilt the old PC as a second machine and re-installed the original XP. Am I entitled to continue to use this copy or not? Will Microsoft supply a new activation code?
Are there any legal experts out ther prepared to comment?

  anskyber 12:16 07 Nov 2006
  lotvic 22:08 07 Nov 2006

""I bought a new machine with a new copy of XP.""
If you have two different Product Keys (one for each XP) you have got 2 licences so that is one for each pc. and both will be legal to activate and use.

  josie mayhem 23:26 07 Nov 2006

As far as I'm aware MS is happy to reactivate OEM copies of XP, if in your circumstaces you are forced to replace your motherboard...

If I was you I would load XP onto your computer and try to activate via the web, if it doean't like it then it will give you a key (a very long one) and a number to phone. When you phone it will either give a activation key (again very long, so you will need a piece of paper and pen) if at this point MS aren't happy with the deatils they will request that you hold the line to speak to someone...

All you need to do is explain what changes you made and why and they will give you the activation code... No problems very easy to do and it doesn't cost a penny as it's a 0800 mumber. And it dosen't take long to sort either very quick with answering when the need to speak to a human to sort matters..

  WightRob 11:57 10 Nov 2006

Thank you people. I read through the stuff that anskyber posted the link to. The position is not exactly clear cut is it?
I do not have an internet link where I use the PC in question so I cannot use online activation. I was a bit concerned that I may have been asked to justify the new activation request when I phoned up so I wanted to try and establish my rights first.
I have just called the activation line which is fully automated. My code was accepted and I was issued with an activation code. I haven't had chance to enter this into the PC yet but I assume it will be OK.
Seems that the best thing to do, for anyone else in the same position, is what josie mayhem suggests.

  WightRob 12:36 12 Nov 2006

Well that worked, eventally. In the end I had to speak to an advisor at Microsoft. I was not asked to explain why I needed a new activation code. I was asked 3 things:
Was this the first time this copy of XP was being activated?
Is the copy a retail version or was it pre-installed on a PC?
How many other computers is ths copy installed on?

Guess some of these were trick questions!

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