Windows XP Internet and File Sharing

  cylon 17:36 24 Jan 2004

I am trying to network two XP PCs together. The host of the ICS is also running Norton Personal Firewall which means I cannot use automatic IP or else the firewall blocks any access to the client.

Can anyone help with why I cannot surf the web in the client PC and why I don't seem able to file share

  Forum Editor 17:42 24 Jan 2004

create a rule in your firewall to always allow FTP((Outbound) on ports 20, 21 if you want to share files. Be aware that by participating in file sharing with other computers on the Internet you'll be allowing you computer to be used as a server, and there are associated security risks.

  cylon 18:09 24 Jan 2004

I am not acutally trying to share files across the internet, I just want to be able to share files between my two PCs and allow the ICS client to surf the web.

I've created a rule to allow the client access to this computer and placed it in the trusted zone.

  mgmcc 20:10 24 Jan 2004


<<<The host of the ICS is also running Norton Personal Firewall which means I cannot use automatic IP or else the firewall blocks any access to the client>>>

Although the ICS 'host' allocates a dynamic IP address by DHCP, in practice this should remain the same. Can you not set up that IP address in the Firewall's 'Trusted Zone'? Alternatively, set up a range such as to

As far as the actual file sharing is concerned, you may have to set up a User in PC1 which matches exactly the Username and Password login you use in PC2, and vice versa, before XP will let you access. Also, documents you want to access over the network may have to go into the "Shared" documents folder instead of "My Documents".

  cylon 12:19 25 Jan 2004


I have had limited success this morning. I am now able to share my internet connection.

I created a rule which allowed the particular adaptor access, as well as putting it in the trusted zone.

I also reconfigured the client for dynamic IP addressing as the firewall is only really interested in the network card in the host machine as this is it's actual network interface.

Are there any particular port I need to ensure NPF dosen't stealth to ensure that file sharing works ?


  cylon 13:21 25 Jan 2004


In the hope of optimising the performace of this PC I turned off some services many moons ago not expecting to do networking.

When I try and find the other PC on my network windows complains that the lsit of serves is not available.

Does anyone know which services are required for file sharing


  cylon 19:53 27 Jan 2004

I came across and article that mentined the 'Seperate' file sharing permissions. Silly me thought there was only one 'permissions'.

On booting the PC in safe mode it is possible to access the advanced security (Under the SECURITY TAB0 and advanced file sharing (SHARINGIN), which has it's own set of permissions, menus on any folder you have access too.

Set these accordingly and you can allow access to your folders. I tried diabling and removing the everyone group but this prevented established shares.

Now I'll work backwards to tighten the firewall and only allow the NIC the required ports

Thanks to all for your suggestions

  cylon 19:54 27 Jan 2004

Wish I could spell, but you get the gist

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