Windows XP Installation Problems

  bazza123 10:28 28 Nov 2006

My daughter's computer which is 3 years old was running an unauthorised copy of Windows XP Pro (not our fault!)and as the computer had frozen during an upgrade - couldn't get past the wallpaper stage - decided it was time to buy a new hard drive (80GB) and a legal copy of OEM Windows XP Home. However, on installation we get as far as entering the code and customising the language etc but when SetUp tries to load the files from the Windows CD it can't find them (in i386?)
Is something else amiss?

  keith-236785 11:57 28 Nov 2006

you could try copying all the files from the cd onto a seperate partition (you would need to make a small partition for this purpose, then try running the setup from there, but whenever i have had this problem it has turned out to be a cd/cdrom problem.

check the cd is clean and doesnt have any sticky finger marks on.

the problem could also be the cdrom drive, maybe the cableing was disturbed when you were fitting the new hard drive, maybe you have set the jumper on the new hard drive incorrectly.... only way is to open the pc again and check the cables/jumper settings. (jumpers are on the rear of the drive), if they share a cable (HD/Cdrom then the hard drive should be master (middle connector on cable), cdrom as slave (end connector).

then try to run setup again, you might be best to format the old installation to clear any corrupt files.

maybe it might be time to upgrade the cdrom to a dvd writer, prices are pretty cheap now.

good luck

  bazza123 15:40 28 Nov 2006

Thanks I'll give it a go!

  ventanas 15:46 28 Nov 2006

You cannot buy a "legal" OEM copy of XP unless you purchase it with a new computer. click here The option to purchase OEM with a piece of hardware was withdrawn a year ago.

Even if you do manage to install this copy and activate it, you may fall foul of the validation process when you come to get certain updates.

  rodriguez 17:48 28 Nov 2006

Hard drives have different file systems which means they can store the data in different ways. When you first buy a drive it's RAW - basically there's no file system so nothing can be written to it until it's formatted with a file system. File systems the drives use include FAT32 (Win 98, Win XP), NTFS (Win XP), EXT2 (Linux), FATX (Xbox)... the list goes on. Firstly you should format it to FAT32 before you start the Windows installation then tell Windows Setup to format it to NTFS - this is the best way to install Windows. I don't think this could cause the problem you're having though as it's trying to find files from a CD. You could try the disc in another drive and see if that does it.

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