Windows XP installation path

  Brian-336451 06:27 06 Apr 2004

I've copied the XP installation files to my hard drive as I did with Win98SE, basically so I don't have to cart the XP CD about.

Can anyone point me to the file which needs changing in Windows for me to 'doctor' to reflect where the installation files can be found. I'm blowed if I can remember where to look.

Failing that I'm going to have to trawl through the Registry.

Thanks Oh Knowledgable Chaps!!

  temp003 08:17 06 Apr 2004

You're right, it's in the registry.

HKLM \ Software \Microsoft\ Windows \Current Version \Setup - SourcePath

Point to your i386 folder on the hard disk.

  Brian-336451 11:53 06 Apr 2004

Thank you, I've made the 'adjustment' and will now see if it works.

This particular 'need' came about when I was away and wanted to run System File Checker and it would not let me manually point at the files on hard drive.

Hopefully all is solved.

Appreciate the help.

  temp003 12:00 06 Apr 2004

Ta. But SFC could be quite obstinate sometimes. I've read reports that it stll insists on your CD drive after changing the registry. Hope it doesn't happen to you.

  Brian-336451 12:26 06 Apr 2004

Funnily enough after making the changes, I turned the computer off, waited a few minutes and rebooted.

Tried SFC again and - you're right SFC insisted on the CD (which is a backup of the original anyway) be in the drive.

So the next question is how do we get round this problem.

When I ran Win98SE, SFC was happy to accept 'source files' on any hard drive AND that was convenient for many users.

The only other way I can think of is to reinstall xp from that particular directory over the top of the existing installation (again something I used to do with Win98) but I must admit to being not sure whether that would be such a good idea.

Anyone any further thoughts on this matter?

Thanks temp003 seems you were spot on! :-(

  temp003 12:43 06 Apr 2004

Another thought. Is your CD an XP SP1 CD (or SP1 slipstreamed)? If so, you may have to change the ServicePackSourcePath as well, in the same key.

  Brian-336451 15:12 06 Apr 2004

Yes its an SP1 installation XPPro, but what's slipstreamed? You got me there!

Anyway, what I logged in to say is that since I back up my C: drive with Ghost so, in short I went for it.

I've reinstalled XPPro from my hard drive and lo and behold everything works as advertised.

Actually one or two other bits and pieces seem to work better.

I don't appear to have lost anything either - so a re-install over the top works in XP as well as Win98.

We live and learn don't we?

I thank you for your help and will check on the ServicePackSourcePath - I had noticed that referred to my D: drive, but SP1 was already incorporated in the XP install.

Bye for now.

crx1600 - that was my next thought if the re-install didn't do it. Thanks

  temp003 15:49 06 Apr 2004

I think your solution is much better than struggling with the registry, and not getting the result!

Reason I asked whether it's an XP SP1 CD is, even though SP1 comes as part of the original installation, the registry will still have a separate entry for the service pack source path. With an XP SP1 CD, the source path should point to your CDROM drive. When you use SFC, I think it will also look within the service pack files to check your system files (but I'm not sure) and so may still ask you for the CD. Hence the thought.

  Brian-336451 17:44 06 Apr 2004

I'm talking with intelligent people - I wouldn't have thought of that last bit.

I've been checking out all my software in the meantime and its all working.

I've just Ghosted (Norton Ghost) the 'new' installation so I can now restore to this standard, so all in all a damn good result.

Thanks for the input and the interest, that's what I've always liked about this site, we all help each other - nice.

Take care all and temp003 in particular for your insight.

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