Windows xp installation

  pj1664 20:00 21 Mar 2007

Hi guys this could be a chellenging one for all of you. I have a drive with 2 partitions , one small partition with 98 and a larger partition of windows XP but it has been giving me alot of trouble, it keeps freezing on me each time I load up xp, so I have decided to install windows Xp fully on the drive without having any partitions but the problem I am having is when I try to clean install windows Xp it loads all the relevent drivers and just hangs at the point where it says windows is starting up, it dosent even goes as far as giving me the option of repairing windows or do a clean install. Now does it hang because I have 2 partitions on the drive and if so is there a way I can format or deleate these partition but remember my exsisiting windows xp frezeeres up as soon as it loads up, its alot better when its in safe mode. Thanks guys. I did say its a chellenging one.

  MAJ 20:10 21 Mar 2007

Is the file system on XP formatted as FAT32 or NTFS?

  pj1664 20:21 21 Mar 2007

Its NTFS for XP and Fat32 for Win 98

  skidzy 20:23 21 Mar 2007

Wipe the drive totally with Killdisk and try the install again.

Or try click here

  pj1664 20:51 21 Mar 2007

Hi skidzy,I will try that but do I just boot with cd/floppy and hope for the best?

  pj1664 19:11 22 Mar 2007

Ok So I have tried what skidzy suggested,I have managed to delete the partitions but windows stops installation at the same point where it says windows starting up, the disc actually stops spinning. I have tried the same with another xp installation disk and the same thing happends,the disk just stops at the same point and nothing, no activity in the tower. These disk are genuine OEm disk with the proper hologram, I have used one of these disk on one of my other computers and it worked then so why should it stop now, I know Only one cd per computer but I was just trying to see if the new disk was faulty, obviously not. My tower is a little old but it had windows xp installed on it previously. This drive is actually new.Appreciate any more feed back. Thanks.

  MAJ 19:28 22 Mar 2007

Change the CD/DVD drive, use the one from your other computer, the one that worked okay when you wee testing the disks. Thee might be a problem with the head-runners in the new drive, only allowing it to read to a certain point on the disk.

  MAJ 19:28 22 Mar 2007

must get that 'r' fixed.

  pj1664 19:33 22 Mar 2007

Tried that MAJ , I have actually installed a new DVD writer instead of the old DVD rom, both the drives stop at the same point on both cd's Ironic eh. I did say this was a chellanging one. Anymore ideas would be much appreciated.

  pj1664 19:53 22 Mar 2007

Do you think I need to format the drive using Maxtor format utility even after the partitions were deleted?

  skidzy 20:05 22 Mar 2007

Im wondering if the drive you are trying to install on is at fault ?

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