Windows Xp Install problem (I need Help)

  jaunitauk 09:26 27 Aug 2003

I have had windows xp pre-installed on my pc built by my brother. It's on the 30 day activation thing that has now run out and i can't access anything on my computer unless i want to activate windows xp which i cant cos i dont have the code. I now have a new copy of windows xp so how do i install it when i cant access my cd roms. If i have to get rid of the original xp on my hard drive how do i do i need help Big time and i would appreciate it.

  medicine hat 09:44 27 Aug 2003

Does your "new copy of Windows XP" have a Certificate of Authentication?

  alcudia 09:46 27 Aug 2003

I would boot with your new (legit) cd of Win XP and go through the process of reformatting your hard drive and reinstalling with this copy. You will have to check in the bios that your machine is set to boot from the cd drive before the hard drive. If you need any help with any of these procedures please re-post. By the way, if your brother is capable of building a PC he should have known that XP will only activate on one machine.

  SheffieldSpy 09:46 27 Aug 2003

Did you get a Windows XP CD with your computer? You use your computer to get the activation code. So you can either use the modem or telephone Microsoft with the code that the computer gives you. The telephone will read you out a activation code.

  jaunitauk 09:51 27 Aug 2003

Thanks yes i have all the the codes with my other xp disc so what your saying is go into bios and change it so it boots up the cd drive first then it will be ok thanks for all your im new to all this sort of thing lol

  alcudia 10:06 27 Aug 2003

It may be possible to activate your installed copy of XP with the code on your legit cd if you ring microsoft at the number given and explain. If they do not accept this you will have to remove the installed XP and reinstall. Again if you are at all unsure how to do this please ask.
You will be asked to respond to quite a few questions during the process.

  jaunitauk 10:17 27 Aug 2003

No problem but like i said im such a newbie to these things. That's one option open to me i will do that before i go and mess around with my bios if possible i would like a step by step instruction on how to formatt my hard drive and then make it boot up cd drive first then drive you know what i mean its just i that im clue less

  alcudia 10:34 27 Aug 2003

When you first turn on your pc you should see at the bottom of the screen a command to press (usually Del) to enter set up. Press and hold the key mentioned and the bios will appear. You will have to find the boot options, which differ according to the bios. On mine they are under advanced cmos funtions. You will see the drives listed as Floppy; CD-Rom and HDD0 (your hard drive). Make sure that the first boot drive is the CD-Rom. You will then have to find the option to save and exit (usually an F key) and then possible say a further yes by pressing Y.
Insert your XP CD and restart. You should see briefly at the botom of the screen the command Press any key to boot from CD. Hit the spacebar. The Windows setup screen will appear on a blue background and you will see files loading at the botom of the screen. Allow this to run until complete. When prompted press enter to Set up XP. Press F8 to accept agreement. Press Esc to install a fresh copy of Windows as per the prompt. From the options at the bottom of screen press D to delete the partition and return to confirm, then press L to complete the deletion.
At the next screen press C to create a new partition. Accept the default size. Press enter to continue setup. If asked choose a file system, Fat32 or NTFS. You drive will be reformatted and some files will be copied. Set up will initialize and the computer will restart.
Ignore any further prompts to boot from CD. XP will install. During installation you will be asked for regional and keyboard settings etc. Make sure you answer correctly. When complete PC will restart. Again ignore prompt to boot from CD. When running remove CD. All done. Activate It.
Good luck.

  jaunitauk 10:45 27 Aug 2003

if i have any more probs i will post another one on here whats fat32 and NTFS?

  alcudia 10:57 27 Aug 2003

These are the file systems used by Windows. if you have XP home you will not have a choice. It will be Fat32. If you have XP pro you will be asked which you want. While I would go for NTFS, for home use Fat32 will be ok.

  jaunitauk 11:05 27 Aug 2003

If your on here round this i will tell you if ive suceed or not fingers crossed i hope i do

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