Windows XP - How can I install a game other User

  Adamski 20:01 08 Apr 2005

My Daughter has just bought the latest SIMS2 game. I set myself up as the only administrator on the computer and Installed the game in my daughters User account by temporarily giving her Administrator permissions. When I finished installing the game I made her an ordinary user again but she can't run the game as an ordinary user. "Unspecified Error" is reported.

What is the correct way to install a game so that either ANY User can play it or so that only SELECTED users can play it ?

  TomJerry 20:07 08 Apr 2005

The SIMS 2 requires administator right to play, you can find this info from EA web site. I also tried with my duaghter, but nothing. A lot of games are just the same.

To aviod your kids mess up your system is to install two copies of XP on different parition and make them hidden from each other, so you have two "virtual" PC. In fact, you can just make a new partition and clone your current XP to that partition and use a boot manager to select which one (either super dady XP or cool kids XP) to load when you swtich PC

  alan227 20:08 08 Apr 2005

Have a read of this.

click here

  TomJerry 20:10 08 Apr 2005

not XP home

  Adamski 20:19 08 Apr 2005

TOMJERRY - thanks for answer, sounds like a lot of fuss for a fundemental issue. I did the same installation routine for my sons Football Manager 2005 game and it worked well ! so its a surprise to hear EA did this. Maybe I could set up a GAMES User account with admin rights to load all future games onto

Alan - not quite running a server network at home but thank you for your trouble answering anyway.

  jbp1982 21:33 08 Apr 2005

If you wanna set up a GAMES account with admin rights then thats pointless...

I assume you are the only one with admin rights because you don't want changes made without your permission??

I know there is a valid security/vulnerability argument for running limited accounts for all, and one admin for changes only.

You know if you right click the exe file of the game, select "run as" you can select to run the game as an administrator from a limited user account. They'll need the username and password of the person with admin account.



  Number 7 21:54 08 Apr 2005

click here and downlowd the patch.

Scroll down the page and see under System/Config issues.

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