Windows XP Home and Windows 98SE Networking

  Stuart Leyland 19:40 16 Feb 2003

Evening all.

Hopefully you can help me out here. I'm trying to get my Windows XP Home computer networked with my sister's Windows 98SE computer. Both are networked fine because my sister can access the internet through my computer (as intended).

However, from her computer, I am not able to see the shared folders on my computer. I also shared one drive on my computer in the hope that it would show on her computer, but it did not. Also on her computer, the only computer which shows in Network Neighbourhood is her own, not mine. Why is this?

I used the network setup wizard on my Windows XP computer and then used the floppy disk which you can have created on my sister's computer in order to set up the network.

I find it both annoying and confusing as to why the internet connection is shared yet folders on my computer are not.

I'd be very grateful if you could help me solve this problem.

Thanks very much

  VoG™ 20:49 16 Feb 2003


  LastChip 21:01 16 Feb 2003

Do you have any firewall running on the XP machine?

If so, disable it temporarily, and see if you can now share your files and drive.

If not, you will probably have to set-up a "User Account" 0n the XP machine, for your sister to see your files.

XP, like W2K, is a secure system that will block access by default. The account "allows" access.

  Stuart Leyland 21:04 16 Feb 2003

Evening VoG. How are we keeping?

Hi LastChip. I have Sygate Personl Firewall installed on both computers. Should I disable it on both computers?

  silliw 21:08 16 Feb 2003

had a similar problem myself. if you can share the internet connection, then the networking wizard worked. I had similar problems which were resolved by the following which may or may not help

ensure all users to the network are setup exactly the same on both machines (even passwords)

ensure that you have simple fie sharing setup on the machine

make sure you have setup shares on each drive you want to share

make sure all users have the correct permissions setup in the administration/ machine maintenance

  LastChip 21:12 16 Feb 2003

If not, leave the firewalls off for the moment, until such times as you resolve this problem. Otherwise, you may solve one issue, but unbeknown to you, the firewall is impeding progress.

The permissions that silliw mentions, are gained by setting up a user account.

  Stuart Leyland 21:13 16 Feb 2003

LastChip, give yourself a pat on the back!! That has worked and I think that I have now enabled the firewall (Sygate Personal Firewall) to allow network traffic through my machine.

Now comes the problem of getting the printer shared. It is a Lexmark Z22 but apparently needs to have drivers for other operating systems. When I go onto my sister's computer, it says the printer is offline yet it isn't. Anyone offer any help?

  silliw 21:17 16 Feb 2003

sorry LastChip, when I setup my home network, I found that although both users were setup as administartors they didnt have full access to the root drive according to user and group info. I added both users to the administartors group to give them full access even though they were setup as administartor accounts. Didnt understand why this was but it worked.

  LastChip 21:34 16 Feb 2003

No one here has the right to all knowledge.

But in fact, Stuarts sister does not need root permissions to access Stuarts drives and files. So he as administrator, can set up (very precisely) just the permissions he wishes to grant to her.

I am puzzled however, as to why your machine (as administrator) did not have root privileges, as I thought that was the default for an administrator.

Never the less, as you say, it worked!

  LastChip 21:41 16 Feb 2003

Have you used the "Add Printer" icon on the '98 machine, to add a "Network Printer"?

Further, have you shared the printer on the XP machine?

If it's not shared, as far as the '98 machine is concerned, it doesn't exist, hence the "printer off line message".

  Stuart Leyland 21:53 16 Feb 2003


I've now given up on the network for tonight as my sister has gone to bed feeling ill.

I did exactly as you mentioned myself but was still having no luck. The furthest I got was being able to print to a file????

I will try again tomorrow, if not too bogged down with coursework, and keep up informed. Thanks for the help tonight.


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