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  Non Welsh Local 07:18 04 Jan 2003
  Non Welsh Local 07:18 04 Jan 2003

I'm getting a new pc and it'll be a custom build job. Included in the package will be XP Home but it'll be OEM. It what way if any does OEM differ from the full version? I read on a previous thread the OEM doesn't have certain programs like BACKUP, is this correct?

Thanks for any help on this.

  jazzypop 07:23 04 Jan 2003

OEM is not a strictly defined term, when it comes to what is included. Some provide a full version of XP, with all the trimmings, plus a few extras of their own.

Some provide the contents of the i386 folder only (the files required to install Windows).

The only way to be sure is to ask your supplier.

  jimv7 07:57 04 Jan 2003

Check first, if you do not get the full xp disk with your purchase, think again.

If your hard drive goes down and you cannot retrieve 'ALL' the data, then you will have to buy 'another xp disk and licence'.

  « Ravin » 08:05 04 Jan 2003

i agree with jimv7, make sure you get an operating system cd or a set or recovery disks. my pc came installed with xp oem version and it does include everything including backup etc. so i guess its up to the manufacturer as to what exactly goes on the disk.

  DieSse 09:54 04 Jan 2003

There are two types of installation you could get - so check.

The first is the "normal" OEM one (I buy these to install). You get a full disk, a manual that can only be described as an installation leaflet, and a sticker on the outside of the case with the Serial Nº. It's identiacl software in every way to the full version (well it is the full version!)

The second is an installation only, customised by the supplier, with no CD, or if the supplier wishes, a recovery CD. Once again you should get the full version of the software, but it's much less flexible than the "normal" OEM version. This is only available to largeish system builders.

I'd get the first type, even if you have to pay a bit extra.

  Non Welsh Local 10:15 04 Jan 2003

I've contacted the supplier (Novatech) and I'm waiting for a reply. I'll let you know.

  Brucybonus 10:46 04 Jan 2003

Forget XP home - Get them to put XP Pro on instead -Far more reliable!

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