Windows XP Home OEM - legal for me to buy?

  Pineman100 14:37 03 Jul 2008

I'm considering buying a CD copy of Windows XP Home now, so that I can install it on a new computer (which I'll buy without an OS) at some time in the next year or so.

I have found a number of websites that will sell an OEM version of XP. I thought that such copies were only available to computer manufacturers. Is it legal for me to buy myself a copy? Will it activate OK?

  Diemmess 14:51 03 Jul 2008

Have bought 3 of XP pro with SP2 (OEM) from Novatech and Amazon.

No problems in spite of changing motherboard on one PC. Reactivation did need a phone call with that one.

The requirement to buy hardware at the same time has been scrapped, but the rule that the OEM version lives and dies with one computer, is still applied.

  Pineman100 15:35 03 Jul 2008

So that's the rule on OEM, is it? It must be installed on one new computer, and always remain on that computer?

That would appear to be fine for my situation, then.

Do you think I should buy the OS urgently - will stocks dry up soon?

  elbecko 15:45 03 Jul 2008

hi there.

hope you don't mind if i jump on your thread to ask a related question?

is an OEM version of windows a full version? i ask coz i'm sure i read ages ago that they are not. if so are they worth buying, as i was planning on getting one in the next couple of weeks?


  crosstrainer 15:52 03 Jul 2008

Stocks will be reduced, and therefore prices will rise. Best to get a copy while you can.

  crosstrainer 15:54 03 Jul 2008

Identical with all the same features....Just that it cannot be installed on a different machine from the original.

In other word's the copy dies with the machine. A full retail version can be installed on one machine at a time...Forever.

  Stuartli 16:03 03 Jul 2008

Normally an Microsoft operating system OEM version is one supplied on a new computer system and the system builder/OEM manufacturer provides the after sales support for it, not Microsoft.

It is not supposed to be sold to or installed separately by customers.


click here

This begs the question as to why it's on sale via this retailer's website and, apparently elsewhere?

  Fingees 16:09 03 Jul 2008

You can usually buy an OEM copy with a new hard drive, or motherboard. quite legally.

With Vista, it supposed to be supplied with hard drive, and remain on that drive.

  woodchip 16:28 03 Jul 2008
  Pineman100 16:45 03 Jul 2008

As Stuartli points out, given the constraints that are noted on his linked website, it seems strange that they appear to be offering the OEM for sale to anyone who cares to buy it.

Although I infer that if I build the computer myself, then place a sticker on it showing my phone number, so that I can call myself for technical support, I'm satisfying all the requirements.

I presume legit OEM system builders buy their copies in bulk wholesale from Microsoft? So how come they're on sale from so many different retailers?

  Stuartli 17:04 03 Jul 2008

The wording on the website includes the phrase: "This software is not intended for purchase or installation by consumers"...:-)

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