Windows XP Home Edition Registry Problem

  DenDan 22:46 19 Aug 2005

Hi Guys,
I've got a new PC running Windows XP Home Edition.
I modified the binary value for "bScanFloppyOnShutdown" from 1 to 0(zero)on the registry. I can see that the change has been made.
I then chose Log-Off, which shows the message "Saving Settings", before Logging-Off. Restart does not show this message.
However, whether I Log-Off & Restart or just Restart the computer,the change was not saved.
The value remained as 1,although the date & time of the file were modified.
Could you please help?

Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz
512 MB Memory
120 GB Hard Disk


  hugh-265156 23:09 19 Aug 2005

may i ask what you are trying to achieve with this reg edit please?

google not much help to me sorry click here=

  DenDan 00:37 20 Aug 2005

Hi huggyg71,
I installed McAfee VirusScan 9.0 and found that the Shutdown process became slower by 30 seconds after the installation.
I contacted McAfee who suggested the edit. After the edit, that is, with the value set to 0, the delay was reduced to 10 seconds.
But when the computer was restarted, the registry value was not updated, it assumed its original value = 1.



  Completealias 00:55 20 Aug 2005

Could be down to mccaffe putting the setting back to the orignal config when you restart.

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