Windows XP home computer just freezes

  erkmatrix 13:19 10 Feb 2004

Just noticed lately my computer has started to feeze, where the mouse just won't move and even the ctrl, alt and delete doesn't work, it does I think only happen when on the internet but not sure it may do it when I ain't online but just hasn't yet as it seems to be totally randomly.

Its a modern machine and wondered if it was anything to do with I have recently downloaded the Microsoft new service pack which fixed a problem I had had with hyper links not working and opening up a new window, but now it crashes and getting more often.

I also have downloaded Avast virus protection, spybot and GWShredder, could it be having a conflict with something new I have put on machine.

Is there anything I can do, any advice is appreciated.


  erkmatrix 15:08 10 Feb 2004


  JIM 15:53 10 Feb 2004

suggest you try the SFC /SCANNOW from the run command first ,to see if your original files are in order.(Have you XP disk handy)Freezing in xp is rare in my book.

Check out any reported errors recorded via the computer mangement.(My computer, right click manage and look at the system event viewer applications/security/system)scroll.

  erkmatrix 16:26 10 Feb 2004

Hi I have done that and noticed that under the event viewer system that there was two errors coming up since well only can see from 29/01/2004 but quite regular errors listed below

Timeout (3000 milliseconds) waiting for a transaction responsefrom the CiSvc service

and the other error was

The driver detected a controlling error on \device\harddisk1\D

but have known it say errors also harddisk2 and harddisk3 and harddisk4

what does this mean anything to do with my freezing problem.


  hugh-265156 16:42 10 Feb 2004

click here

turn it off if you dont use it.sometimes it can hinder performance.

first click start/my computer and right click your hard drive/s select properties and untick the box that says "allow indexing service to index the drive for faster searching"

next click start/control panel/performance and maintenance/administrative tools/services.scroll down to "indexing service" double click it and set the start up type to "disabled" from the drop down box and restart the computer to take effect.

for other services and a guide to what is safe to disable click here for some info

If your mouse freezes, this is often caused by an IRQ conflict. Have a look and see if you can find anything sharing the same IRQ that they shouldn't. Typically a mouse is on IRQ 12. If you are finding this is happening while connected to the internet, have a look at IRQ3 whhich should be COM Ports 2 and 4, and IRQ 4, which should be COM ports 1 and 3.

  JIM 16:56 10 Feb 2004

your CiSvc service.(a service that monitors the memory)

Have a look and read "all replies",could be related as you mention to errors and freezing and also harddisk2 and harddisk3 and harddisk4 you mention.

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dont like this if its happenning?

The Program CISVC.EXE is also the executable for a shareware program called Family Keylogger by SPY Arsenal, chances are your keystrokes are being logged and viewed by another person. The default way to unhide this program is CNTRL+ALT+SHIFT+K (Unless they changed it in the options) It should show itself in the SYSTRAY. This would also explain why the service always starts on bootup.

look for a file called CISVC.TXT on all your available drives, If you find it... Your poss under surveillance by someone else.



Microsoft Service Description.

Indexes contents and properties of files on local and remote computers; provides rapid access to files through flexible querying language.

Real World Description!!!!!!!!What Microsoft said above. What they don't say is that this service tends to run amok, indexing far more than necessary and starting without warning. For the benefit it provides, the resource usage is far from an equal tradeoff.

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Hhave you tried System Rrestore?

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