Windows XP Home - Cannot change file attributes

  Bertie B 14:46 09 Mar 2004

Has anyone come up against this problem, which according to Microsoft Help site appears to be a problem with Windows NT but not listed as one for XP.

This is a strange problem which seems to occur in relation to some files but not all! For instance, I have just installed a DVD RW Drive and when I copy files to it using a RW Disk I cannot then change the files because when you Right-Click into Properties the the read-only box has a tick in it but it is greyed out so when you try to change it it comes up with "Access Denied" despite the fact that my user status is Adninistrator.

I have noticed this problem on a random basis before in relation to some files on the HDD - mysteriously they have bocome read-only with the same problems of being unable to change the attibutes.

Any suggestions, please?

  Jester2K 14:48 09 Mar 2004

You can't change the attributes on a CD or DVD from Read Only whilst they are on the disk because they are stored in a read only format. In the same way you need to remove the Read Only attribute from the files when you copy them back to the HDD.

  Bertie B 15:02 09 Mar 2004

Well I don't know if I am being overly obtuse but when I right click the same file on the HDD I find the same situation - the "read-only" box has a tick in it and is greyed out. When I attempt to get rid of the tick the box clears - I press "apply" and all seems ok until you right click properties again and the box is back to greyed "read-only" attribute!!??

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