Windows XP Home browser problem

  Matt7959 00:18 08 Jun 2005

Hi to everyone - I'm deperately hoping someone can help here. Firstly, I'm a bit of a computer ignoramus so bear with me. We're running Windows XP Home and have a browser problem.

When accessing certain websites, sometimes on clicking these sites on favourites, the site comes up then when you navigate within the site, the site dissappears completely. Trying to enter the site again, the same thing happens. It will also happen after bringing the site up via the browser bar (?) This only happens to a few sites and AUTOTRADER website is by far the worst with this site being virtually unaccessable most of the time. The problem does also occur with other sites inc EBAY and now and again GOOGLE. They come up then, I navigate through the site and bang, the site completely dissappears from the screen.

This prob has been happening for a few weeks now. We've just had the PC back from a reputable specialist who cleaned it up and installed spyware . We already run Norton and Zone alarm. The PC doesn't get hammered, just light use, is quite new and has loads of capacity. Virus and syware searches bring nil results.

Can anyone give me a clue what may be causing this before I put a hammmer through the monitor screen!!!!

Many thanks in advance............

  hugh-265156 00:40 08 Jun 2005

I am not sure sorry. i just had a quick browse to the autotrader website and all seems well here.

do you get any errors displayed like 'page cannot be displayed' or similar. when you say the site dissappeared what do you see on the screen please?

do you have windows xp and use internet explorer 6 and service pack 2? if so some pop ups may be blocked on some sites.

do you see a yellow information bar just below the address bar? if you do then click this and choose 'temporarly allow pop ups' if the site works ok now and you can view the page you can always allow pop ups from this site by clicking 'tools/pop up blocker/pop up blocker settings' and add the site to your allowed list.

sorry if that doesnt help. can you give some more info please?

  lotvic 00:43 08 Jun 2005

""I navigate through the site and bang, the site completely dissappears from the screen. ""

?? do you get a blank white page or a 'page not found' error message??

have you tried clicking on the 'Refresh' button ?

  Jak_1 00:51 08 Jun 2005

It could be that those site require java to be enabled, only a guess though. java can be a problem as it is a good media for spyware (malware) transmission. Java seems to cause as many probles that it solves.

Other than that what are your internet security settings set to? Control Panel > Internet Options > Security and Privacy. That may cause probs if you have set things to high, 3rd party proggies can do that job better and still let you surf where you want.

  Matt7959 00:59 08 Jun 2005

Thanks for the prompt replies everyone.

What happens exactly is this; I'm on your site PC advisor right now and whilst this page is up I click favourites, then click say autotrader. The autotrader homepage comes up and then dissappears in a second, making the screen revert back to Pc advisor site. No message, no page not displayed - the site just vanishes.

Regards pop up blocker etc, bear in mind sometimes the sites in question can be accessed ok. To my knowledge, no settings are being changed so the whole thing seems to be very sporadic.

I did wonder about the settings. What confuses though is that this happens sporadically not every time and why when I use some sites very heavily does it not occur on them at all??????


  Matt7959 01:05 08 Jun 2005

actually, to correct above - when clicking on to the site in question, when it vanishes so does in this, case Pc advisor site and I get left with either outlook express which I always have running at the bottom or it just reverts to desktop.

  SEASHANTY 11:02 08 Jun 2005

Try the Firefox browser to see if that makes any difference. Download from this website and then install it on your PC click here

  lotvic 22:57 08 Jun 2005

Are you saying that Internet Explorer closes down without any warning? Or is it minimised (not displayed) but is shown in bottom task bar (between 'Start' and the clock)?

This is important for us know so we can help

  Matt7959 19:59 09 Jun 2005

Hi everyone and many thanks for all the input. In answer to the above post, the site doesn't minimise, it just disappears!


It now seems to be sorted (I hope) Seemingly, this is some kind of virus thing thats come through MSN. Ironically, I'm the only one in our house who doesn't use MSN. MSN has somehow been disabled on our PC by the firm that had it in as we speak and touch wood theres nothing going wrong so far!! Its a virus or bug thats been around a month or two within MSN and is called something starting Fat...... I think.

I hope this provides some info. for others having similar problems. Bear in mind this wasn't picked up by any of the standard virus etc checks done by the compentent independant specislist that we took the PC to, in fact it was only by speaking to another dealer locally that I gleaned this MSN info.

Cheers for the help

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