Windows XP Home Activation troubles

  walesrob 10:41 23 Aug 2007

Hope someone can help, I'm going round in circles here.
I have been asked to repair a Time PC with Windows XP Home, but each time I start the machine, I get prompted to activate windows. So I call up the 0800 number, and run through the Installation ID procedure, but each time, it fails. I've checked, double checked the serial number, I've very carefully typed in the installation ID at the activation screen, but no.

The PC has a genuine XPH serial number stickered on the side of the case, so I know its a genuine copy of windows (I have worked on this PC a few years ago).

Ok, so next step was to call Microsft in the UK, who told me to call Time. Of course, Time Computers are no more, and the new company (didnt catch the name) want £1 a minute for the tech support and £40-£50 for a copy of the Windows XP Recovery Discs that came with the machine. So, thats a no.

Now, I'm quite certain that Time put a recovery partition on hard drives rather than send out actual discs, but my client does not have the recovery discs/diskettes.

What I'm looking for is some method of accessing this recovery partition, but I think as well, I will need to get hold of the recovery software as well, if anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be great.

Thanks in advance!

  walesrob 12:14 23 Aug 2007

Quick update, its not looking too good..

Recovery partition gone, not sure what the owners of this machine have done, but I think they may have installed a non-genuine copy of windows and wiped the recovery partition (hence the whole activation process)? Microsoft wont help, they tell me to refer back to Time for the recovery disks, of course Time want £50. Messy.

Surely Microsoft must provide an activation code here?

  Kate B 12:18 23 Aug 2007

Can you borrow a full copy of XP Home? If so you should be able to install it on a formatted hdd from that and activate it using the genuine Time serial number.

  birdface 12:30 23 Aug 2007

Ditto. Do what Kate B said.You may end up having to phone Microsoft again to verify it,But I had no problem when doing it with my Grand Daughters computer.And she had a Time computer.

  pk46 12:38 23 Aug 2007

If your copy of WXP has been activated via the internet a number of times you can't reactivate via the internet you will have to choose via the phone you will see an activation code showing on your screen type this in using the phone key pad if it is verified you will get a new product key if not you will be transfered to a CS ADVISOR.

  walesrob 13:16 23 Aug 2007

Thanks again everyone for your replies.

I'm really having trouble with Microsoft, they don't really want to know. I've just been off the phone to them again, and I'm back to square one. Kate and buteman, I was told by Microsoft that I was NOT allowed to do what you suggested and that I MUST use the original recovery media sent out by Time (which is long gone). I was also told I'm not allowed to use any XPH disk to perform a repair using any Windows XP Home disc. I had to explain to them again and again that Time did not send out recovery Windows disc when the PC was new, but instead only a recovery partition on the hard drive (which as far as I can see is gone). I'm going to call TimeUk or whatever it is now and see if I can get some sense.

At this stage, the PC is starting up, but won't allow me into windows until activation is complete. If I choose activate later, the PC just sits on the welcome page, and any attempt at logging on restarts the activation procedure.

  herbie53 16:04 23 Aug 2007

This may be of some help, click here it is not a fix by any means, but at least it is possible to access files.

  Kate B 16:26 23 Aug 2007

Ignore Microsoft and just do it anyway, though I think you'll have to do it on a formatted disk so as to remove completely all traces of the earlier installs and the dodgy one. I can't believe that it won't work, though of course you'll have to sort out any drivers yourself: the Time media would have had all the specific drivers for that machine.

  birdface 16:27 23 Aug 2007

Sorry that never worked,It worked ok for me.Maybe if the computer has been upgraded or new mother board or something like that I could see their point of refusing to accept it.Now just to check you have the right Key Code there are programs that you can run on your computer that will reveal the one that was first registered with your computer.I am sure someone will be able to supply you with the proper details.Any time I have had to phone Microsoft I always found them very helpful.Best of luck I hope you get it sorted.

  birdface 16:31 23 Aug 2007

If Time + Tiny were the same owners then they should have supplied a CD with the system + drivers with computer,Its just they never supplied the XP Disc unless you paid them an extra £70 I think it was.

  1234s282 18:34 23 Aug 2007

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