Windows XP Help,DLL Files

  acsmanhtml12 07:47 11 Nov 2006

Every time windows starts I get an error message saying that this dll is invalid this won't work. Firefox doesn't have half itsinstalled components my antivirus is not in my icon tray.
Should I use the manufacturrers recovery disks
(how far will this go with windows) make it like new so I have to go through the create this and that?
I also have a netwrok so how difficult will that be to get the same IP address. BTW you may have to reply pretty quickly cos this is going to be repaired by 12 so It's a poll basically!

  acsmanhtml12 08:03 11 Nov 2006

My anti-virus also doesn't seem to be loading when I double click on the icon on my desktop (AVG FREE) but my Firewal is running (Zone Alarm FREE). But still no luck. The Windows C Drive scanner popped up and scanned everythign but I'm still getting these DLL's don't read etc. Also my start menu has all programs installed on it but the quick part of the start menu on the left is looking as if it's a nw instillation. If you say return it to he manufacturers I can't the warranty ran out in december. I also hear large chugging noises from the hard disk (not normal) over the last few days. Is just over 1 year the expectance of my laptop (already had it reparred once). If you want to see wether it should be getting the kinda prblems it is then it's a Toshiba P30-145 with a 17" screen and 512MB ram and a 55GB HDD. Also if i Do reboot windows (with recovery disk) will all my programmes and documents still be installed. I don't wind if they're not.

  brundle 08:10 11 Nov 2006

what anti virus software? do you use anti spyware tools?

1 find out manufacturer of hard drive click here
2 get manufacturers diagnostic to check condition of drive click here

3 if drive is healthy disconnect from internet, boot in safe mode, uninstall your anti virus software, reboot, re-install anti virus software (still disconnected from net) reboot, connect to net, download updates and scan your machine

4 if you dont have antispyware software, download and scan; spybot and/or avg antispyware recommended click here

  brundle 08:11 11 Nov 2006

Windows Defender is good too

  acsmanhtml12 08:18 11 Nov 2006

so it's nothing to do with reinstalling windows.

  acsmanhtml12 08:21 11 Nov 2006

it's getting my usual message cannot open fro my System32 file.

  brundle 08:27 11 Nov 2006

It might be, but one has to start somewhere...
System32/Config? That would indicate a registry problem

  acsmanhtml12 08:31 11 Nov 2006

yes I get errors about ther registery and also errors when shuting down about winlogon.exe. I was tryign a system restore but all went wron after windows shut itself down while system restore was working.. arghhhhhh.

  brundle 08:45 11 Nov 2006

Your machine is not here

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