windows xp and games

  stratto 20:32 29 Mar 2005

I am buying a new computer with windows xp, and i wondered if all my games will work. My present computer is running windows 98.Thanks.

  VoG II 20:34 29 Mar 2005

click here will tell you.

You may be able to run them in Compatability Mode in XP.

  VoG II 20:36 29 Mar 2005
  Jackcoms 20:44 29 Mar 2005

If your only concern is about games why are you upgrading your PC?

Games are games are games, aren't they?

  g0nvs 21:50 29 Mar 2005

No they are not, Doom 3 won't run under 9x only XP.

  VoG II 21:58 29 Mar 2005

Considering your persistently unconstructive comments on this forum I am beginning to wonder why you continue to post here.

I am ashamed to admit that I share the same surname.

  Jackcoms 08:51 30 Mar 2005

I suggest that you look a little deeper into this Forum for my constructive comments/help and thanks from Forum members for those comments/help.

A Forum is a place for opinions. My opinions on the use of games/computers apparently differ from yours.

I believe that this Forum is a democracy. Different people are always going to have differing opinions - and as long as one keeps within the rules of the Forum, I believe that is OK.

  wobbly76 09:16 30 Mar 2005

Come on now, kiss and make up.


  NinkyRudes 10:50 30 Mar 2005

In my experience, 99% of games ever released for the PC can be played under XP. However,that's not to say it's always easy. Certain applications (especially really old ones), will require third-party software to allow them to run correctly (@ the correct speed, without graphical glitches.

Both of VoG™'s links are an excellent starting point, and will get your success from 99% to 99.9%, but there is always one problem app. The best bet is to follow Microsoft's route initially, then tackle any individual application problems as they happen, either here, or via a search-engine.

  ACOLYTE 11:29 30 Mar 2005

If you dont have 2 many games maybe listing them
on here may help us,i have lots of games and i have only had trouble with one of them and that was a real oldy meant for Win95 but as i didnt play it much i wasnt to concerned,i have even managed to get Dos games to run on xp with a little effort and the right app you should be able to get them to work.


Go to click here and find a lot of stuff on their forum re the many old games they have on their database. Almost every game has a tech question and answer about loading and running successfully.

You'll find some games just don't load no matter which method you try, running in this mode, changing screen specs etc.

My experience suggests Windows98 stuff runs quite well on XP whilst 95 is quite problematic.


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