Windows XP-Frequent Defragging / Optimisation

  Itchy Fingers 20:15 08 Jan 2004

I recently upgraded my PC by installing a state of the art Gigabyte 7NNXP motherboard (duel bios, Raid - switched off, etc)and AMD 3200+ processor. I reinstalled all the old software, including XP and Nortons System Works, after reformating the HD and now I find the HD needs defragging daily (even hourly) - any ideas?

NSW indicates that within a few hours I am down top 80% fragmented. I have used both NSW and MS Optisation but the results don't last.

I am not a gamer, but my son users the internet for hours (e-bay and other general sites).

The HD is 80Gb with 55Gb free. I have 512mb of 400hz RAM.

I have turned as much of the unused fuctions off in the BIOS.

  Lozzy 20:47 08 Jan 2004

Get Diskeeper V8

  critic-al 20:57 08 Jan 2004
  Itchy Fingers 16:13 10 Jan 2004

Thanks Lozzy and Critic-al for relatively the same thing. I have downloaded a trial of this software but this does not seem to be acure, just something that suppresses the main symtoms. Is untra frequent defragging a penalty for viewing pages on the web? Never heard of this before!

My concern lies with Go Back (and System Restore if I was running this instead). Every time I defrag I lose all the safe restore points. That means if a load something that just isn't right for me or my system, I can't simply Go Back after my now daily defrag.

  MichelleC 16:16 10 Jan 2004

I'm not being funny but you shouldn't have to defrag every day. I dv edit, and some of my files are 10gb, but I only defrag once a fortnight. I don't trust NSW (but some of the tools are great), so I'd look elsewhere for prob. Have you error checked?

  Itchy Fingers 16:28 10 Jan 2004

I agree - before I rebuilt my PC with new motherboard, etc. I defragged once a month. I have used both NSW and MS defragging tools (and now Disk Keeper) and they all performed an extensive defrag (NSW is the only one which gives a percentage). What procisely due you mean by "error check"?

  Chegs ® 16:52 10 Jan 2004

Error chech = sfc /scannow

I once had trouble with XP Pro,it also required defrag every few hours.I used a third party defragger and after every defrag,XP insisted it needed doing again.I used XP's own defrag and it increased the time between defrags to every few days.I cannot recall where XP stores the info(applog?)but deleted it and defrag frequency returned to "normal"(couple of weeks between)I would guess your troubles are caused by a corrupt folder(XP's info store)and sfc might just sort you out.

  Itchy Fingers 18:20 22 Feb 2004

I thought I'd better update you guys as to what the problem was.

Eventually Go Back gave an error message. Looking this up up on the Go Back web site I learned that the only known times when this mesage was received was when the hard drive was failing - need I say more!

Thanks for all your support and help - I now have a SATA Mirror Raid system which carries its own burndens.

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