Windows XP Freezes

  vikthapar 14:58 21 May 2009

Ok the story so far....

Couple of weeks ago my son downloaded 'something' and as a result now each time I reboot my pc it get as far as login screen and once you enter your password and login it just freezes - dont get 'START' or any desktop icons just my wallpaper and that it.

Things I have tried to do to fix it so far...

1. I have put the XP disp and tried to go do XP restore - but it goes and complains I have no hard disk therefore cannot perform restore or recovery

2. I have removed the disk and tried to recover files of it using SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 adapter - but get error saying accounts are protected

3. Have run system diagnostics which says nothing wrong with disk

So am loss at what to do next - I have all my photo's and dont want to format and lose them


  johndrew 16:31 21 May 2009

Have you tried starting in `Safe Mode`? Tap the <F8> key continually when you first boot the PC and an option screen should appear with various options; select `Safe Mode` using the arrow keys and press <Enter>.

If the PC still fails to boot you may need to do a `Repair` this is a longer solution and you may wish to print out the information and process given here click here.

You will not lose any data trying either or both the above.

  johndrew 16:33 21 May 2009

Oh yes. And when you get access, backup you data in case of future problems.

  vikthapar 16:56 21 May 2009

Thanks Johndrew - I should have mentioned I did try safe mode, but get the same result, when last time I tried repair it ave me an error - Saying I did not have hard disk, even though there is one.

  exodus 20:47 21 May 2009

As a long shot but worth a try, boot into the Safe Mode options screen and select "Last known good configuration".

Earlier you mentioned you tried an XP restore. As XP's System restore does not require the XP disc, did you mean you used a recovery/restore disc as supplied by the computer supplier?

Let us know how it goes.

  ronalddonald 00:12 23 May 2009

it also youve inserted xp disc into drive and restarted computer and your getting the same problems as mentioned above.

  ronalddonald 00:15 23 May 2009

you can reboot the computer with the disc inside drive, follow instructions on to set up windows xp after you press f8 key to agree installation terms and conditions you should get an option on repairing the xp instalation.

i hope that you have a back up of all the files you have on the hard drive if you dont, then do it this in futre

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