windows XP folder setting and properties

  stockj 15:47 10 May 2004

As I understnd it you should be able to set the properties of any folders or if a heirarcy of folders set the properties of the high level folder and have it apply to all sub folder. My folders always default to read only and when I try and change it ie uncheck the read only tick box I get an error message and I am denied acess. On other occasions for example I tried to save/ export e mails from MS Outlook e mail folders to the CD/DVd write drive and it says "access to theis folder denied see your administrator" however I have administrator priveledges within XP. I am confused, any ideas ???

  Sethhaniel 15:56 10 May 2004

in XP because as soon as you go back to them they have reverted to former selves etc,. etc.,

  BurrWalnut 16:12 10 May 2004

I have been informed that this works:-

By default, WinXP will remember the view settings for the 400 most recently used folders. After that, XP will begin overwriting the data of the oldest folder and its view setting will be lost. First of all, open Windows Explorer and go to Tools, Folder Options, View, Advanced Settings and ensure that "Remember each folder's view settings" is checked.

The 400 folder information is stored in the registry by two keys:-
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell and

To modify the registry to have more than 400 settings, go to Run, Regedit and highlight the first key (Shell), then Edit, New-Key-DWORD Value. Name this item "BagMRU Size" (without quotation marks, but with a space between BagMRU and Size). Double-click BagMRU Size, give it a Decimal value of 2000, then click OK.
Repeat the operation for the second key (ShellNoRoam)

You will have two "BagMRU Size" values equal to 0x000007d0 (2000). Close the registry and reboot. Windows XP will now remember 2000 folder view settings instead of 400.

  stockj 11:26 11 May 2004

Did what you suggest but did not work, when going into folder properties and unchecking the read only box I am denied access to change the settings. Seem like something depper in terms of permissions.
Thanks, Jeff

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