Windows XP Endlessly rebooting

  bstock 16:34 08 Mar 2006

Have all but given up with my recent XP installation but can't seem to get rid of it.

I set the bios to boot from floppy and after rebooting the system hangs asking me to remove the disc and press any key to restart.

Cannot stop the endless cycle of rebooting and trying again unless I switch the lot off of course, sadly that solves nothing as when I switch on the process starts again.

Anyone any idea how I can get back control and stop this.


  RobCharles1981 16:45 08 Mar 2006

This could be a hardware failure like Memory, CPU or Mainboard or PSU

I remberd I had this problem it was either my Mobo or PSU

Any More suggestions from PC Advisor users??

  woodchip 16:57 08 Mar 2006

My bet is on Memory fault. But could be faulty PSU

  bstock 17:05 08 Mar 2006

I believe the fault lies in the ram sockets rather than the chips but I have resigned myself to that.

It all worked fine with W98SE but XP is more hardware dependant and that, I believe, is where the fault arose from.

What I really want to do is get XP off the system but I can't get access to C drive to do it for the reasons I stated in my post.

Any suggestions

  RobCharles1981 19:16 08 Mar 2006

do you mean you want too format and place a new copy of Windows XP on your hard drive ??

  bstock 19:22 08 Mar 2006

No, not XP, I want to get it of and possibly put W98 back, at least the pc will possibly be useful to someone then.

  woodchip 19:29 08 Mar 2006

Use the 98se startup floppy and type fdisk at A:\> to delete partitions and start again if that does not work come back hear. Startup floppy tenth file from top click here

  bstock 19:36 08 Mar 2006

Thanks woodchip but I can't use the floppy because windows is not allowing access to the a: drive on booting up as I mentioned initially.

  woodchip 20:24 08 Mar 2006

You have to set BIOS with Floppy as first boot device. Also the file is no good just put on a Floppy. You have to put blank floppy in comp then double click the file to create the boot disc. then start with it after you have been in BIOS. Do not forget to Save settings before exit BIOS

  bstock 20:35 08 Mar 2006

Oh do I feel thick!

I thought the disc I had in was a boot disc, guess what, yep it wasn't

Thanks woodchip for your patience and for persisting, now back to work.


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