Windows XP end of support 8th April 2014 - PC query

  Happy37 19:11 24 Mar 2014

Hello everyone,

Good evening.

I have a query in connection with the above. I need to keep my copy of Windows XP Pro running after this date so that I can still record my favourite radio shows using a Windows Media Player radio stream (MMS protocol) via the Internet.

I am using Audacity 1.2.6 to record as I have found that it has been the most reliable over the years under Windows XP Pro.

Here's my question. I have patched my copy of Windows and it's up to date.

I use a router, firewall with NAT, antispyware programs, antivirus etc to keep my PC free from trouble.

Is there any way I can keep my PC connected to the Internet after the 8th April just to record/stream the audio and record it safely?

I have now also installed Windows 8 Pro in a dual-boot scenario on this PC as I intend to move all my other software and documents to that after 8th April 2014. All is working ok on that front.

I just need to use Windows XP Pro/Audacity/Windows Media Player for recording on Windows XP. That's it.

Can I somehow add some inbound access rules to the router/firewall/Media Player to only allow this audio media stream access and nothing else?

What about a hardware firewall? What's the easiest solution to implement?

All advice gratefully received.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:13 24 Mar 2014

What firewall are you using in XP?

most firewalls have an applications menu which you can allow or deny.

  Happy37 21:31 24 Mar 2014

Hi Fruit Bat /\O/\

Thanks for the reply.

I am using this:-

click here Online Armore Firewall. Do I just allow Media Player access as well as AVG antivirus, spyware programmes, firewall etc......and block everything else?


  wiz-king 07:29 25 Mar 2014

Don't bother - MS are not going to stop your computer working after support ends, most AV companies will continue with XP support for some years after 2015 (new date for ending support)

  Batch 08:22 25 Mar 2014


Are you referring to this: Microsoft Security Essentials updates for XP extended to July 2015?

If so, that is not the same as support for XP itself being extended.


As you say, your router has a firewall - that is your hardware firewall.

XP will keep runninng - Microsoft are not going to stop you using it. All that will cease is MS providing security updates. Keep all your security software (antispyware, AV etc.) and other software up to date and don't visit any dodgy websites and don't download or open anything remotely suspicious and you should be fine.

I'd also recommend installing another browser if you are still using Internet Explorer under XP as IE will not be patched after this April by MS. You could try Chrome or Firefox.

1]: [click here

  spuds 09:03 25 Mar 2014

Perhaps its my own personal choice, but I have never considered Internet Explorer the best over the likes of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, so I have suggested on many occasions that installing Firefox or Chrome should be considered.

The only reason that I have IE installed on my computer's is due to Barclays Bank insisting that I use that, "because this is the only browser they support" when i have had problems gaining entry into Barclays.

  Happy37 10:37 26 Mar 2014


Good morning.

Thanks a lot for a very useful reply.

Yes, I do have the Plusnet supplied router on my network and all is working well on that front.

Is there anything else I can tweak in my router (TG582n) to increase its defences, or are all the defaults fine?

Yes, I always keep all my security software (antispyware, AV etc.) and other software up to date as I do all this once a week. Scans etc.

As the thread title says, the only thing I want to do on XP after 8th April 2014 is to use Audacity to record a Windows Media Audio stream from the Internet. That's it. And this stream is only 128kbps, so I don't think it's too life threatening.

I will not be visiting any dodgy websites and I definitely don't download or open anything remotely suspicious in an email or via any links.

I use both Chrome and Firefox under Windows 8 anyway.

I suppose that's it.....looks like all should be well.

Please advise.

Thanks again.

  Batch 08:49 28 Mar 2014

I'm not familiar with that particular router so cannot absolutley say, particularly as PlusNet have probably restricted / modified the router functionality.

I have a different router from PlusNet (probably older than yours) and the functionality is clearly restricted when compared with what the full user manual for the device (which I separately downloaded) describes.

Having said that, the full user manual for yours can be downloaded from here. If you look at section 9.2 (page 77) it describes the firewall settings. If you can actually access these on your router, I would suggest that you set it to Standard (unless you actively want Game and Application sharing, in which case you would need to set it to Disabled).

  Happy37 18:58 08 Apr 2014

Hi Batch,

Been busy so have not had a chance to reply before today.

Have read all this and taken it on board, for which thanks.

Am going to mark this as Resolved and start a new thread, which is to do with Linux and whether I might want to move over to that to carry on what I am doing using Windows XP Pro as of today.

Please do read and advise if you can



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