Windows XP dual boot

  xalemo 08:20 03 Feb 2004

Hi all,
On the primary IDE chain, the master is a 40gb with XP Pro and the slave is a storage drive ( for video capture). I have got another hard drive (with XP Pro) where all my personnal stuff is stored and my adsl set up.
I set it up as master on the secondary IDE and slave is a cd rw.
I would like to be able to dual boot, from the master on the primary IDE and the master on the secondary IDE.
The problem is that XP kicks in straight from the primary IDE. The master on the 2ndary is seen from within Windows but I can't seem to be able to boot from it.
As said, Windows is already installed on these 2 drives and I need XP as master and storage as slave on the primary channel for video editing. I do not mind the master on the 2ndary to be slow because of its slave.
Thanks for your help.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:30 03 Feb 2004

How did XP get onto the second hdd? I mean was it installed there as an independant installation or as part of a dual boot.

If you install WinXP onto the second hdd aganin(I know it is there already, but the first winXP install does not know it), that will change the boot record and point it to the second hdd also at startup time.

  xalemo 08:42 03 Feb 2004

Well my PC was originally setup with the second hdd as a single one, with XP and my internet and all.
I got very recently 2 hdd (primary ide) for video editing purpose.
I was thinking of boot magic but I have never tried it so don't know where I am going.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:45 03 Feb 2004

I still think that the best way forward is to install XP again onto the second hdd; that will make the necessary changes to the master boot record (MBR) on the first disk.

When you boot with the XP CD you can choose an advanced install and direct it to the second hdd.

Maybe someone knows another way of doing it... I await with interest.

  JerryJay 08:54 03 Feb 2004

Bootmagic or similar boot manage program.

  temp003 09:30 03 Feb 2004

A few options.

Just double check with you. Both primary master and slave are hard disks. 3rd hard disk (with old XP) is on secondary master?

You can try editing the boot.ini to load the other XP on the secondary master. The active partition will still be your C drive on your primary master (i.e. the computer, when it starts, will still look for boot files on C. But you can edit the file C:\boot.ini to include an extra path to the old copy of XP).

I suggest you try doing this with a boot floppy first,without changing C:\boot.ini for the time being. Load XP on the primary master as usual. Insert floppy. Right click Drive A and select Format. On the next window, just click Start and do not tick any of the boxes. You must do this in XP and must do this even with a brand new floppy.

After that, go to your C drive, and copy the files ntldr, and boot.ini to the floppy. If you don't see them, click Tools, Folder Options, View tab, tick Show hidden files and folders, untick Hide file extensions for known file types, and untick Hide protected operating system files (confirm the action), and click OK.

After copying the files to floppy, go to A drive and double click A:\boot.ini which opens in Notepad. Add the following new line right at the end of the text:

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(2)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Personal" /fastdetect

[The words in quotation marks can be anything you like to distinguish it from the XP on the primary master. Secondary master is the 3rd hard disk on the same IDE controller, and should be rdisk(2) in the path.]

After that, click File, Save, and exit Notepad. Leave floppy in and restart, making sure that in BIOS, the floppy drive comes before the hard disks in boot sequence if not already.

Computer should boot from floppy, giving you a menu with options for the 2 copies of XP. Press the down arrow on the keyboard to select the 2nd one, press Enter and see if it will load the 2nd XP. If you manage to load this copy of XP, there may or may not be problems with drive letters, but that can probably be overcome.

If it works, then copy the a:\boot.ini to your C drive (which should still be the first partition on the primary master), replacing the existing one. Remove floppy, restart, and you should still get the same boot menu and select whichever one you like.

If the floppy method doesn't work, you can use Recovery Console to detect the other XP installation and let it rewrite the boot.ini file for you. Post back if you need to use that method.

The above uses XP's own dual boot capability and is simple to use (if it works).

Bootmagic should work, but (1) you will need a FAT or FAT32 partition just to install it because it won't install to an NTFS partition; (2) When you use bootmagic to load either OS, the partition on which the other OS is installed cannot be seen, which may or may not be a disadvantage (also, whichever OS you load, that partition will be C).

You can also try going into BIOS and set the first boot device as the secondary master, if the option is available. Not sure how this will work out. The snag is you have to change the boot sequence in BIOS every time, and you will still need, I think, to edit the boot.ini file on the secondary master (not the one on the primary master), as the original path may now be wrong, but not sure.

  Chegs ® 10:06 03 Feb 2004

for reference.Thanks Temp003

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